The Clumsy Traveler Saves Money on Her Flights

Well, hello everybody! My name is Sebrin and I am The Clumsy Traveler here with Mint for my latest installment on how to save money for airfare for your next trip abroad I have some really exciting news: I finally decided where we’re going to go
for my birthday trip in June. Peru! We’re going to Peru! And I’m really really excited. It’s going to be my 6th continent that I’ve
traveled to. Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Instagram
Stories or Twitter might already have gotten an idea based on
my asking questions about the area. I’m a little nervous, we’re going to see
what happens with Zika. But now to talk about why you’re all here
to watch and that’s how to save money for your next flight. The first thing you need to know is where
you should be looking. A lot of times people will look directly at
airline sites if they’re trying to redeem points. However, I recommend looking at search engine
sites. I absolutely love Skyscanner – I think the
interface is super easy to work with, I also think it has the best deals. Overall it’s my favorite, I highly recommend
it. My second point is knowing when to book. For the longest time, people have thought
that you need to book on a very particular day. Whether that’s a Tuesday, a Wednesday afternoon, 54 days before you travel. And I took this trip upon myself to decide when that would be. Think of me as your Guinea pig. I pretty much went through all of the theories
to find out when was the best day to book and there really
is no “day.” However, there is a window. The best time to book a flight is between
3 and 5 months before your departure day. Finally, my last tip is to be flexible. Everyone knows to be flexible with their dates sometimes the difference between flying in
on a Friday versus a Saturday is a couple hundred dollars. However, if you can – try and be flexible
with your airports. You could be flying into LAX or you could
be flying into Burbank. They’re about 30 miles apart and that could
be a couple hundred-dollar difference as well so try to be as flexible as you can. If you have any questions about travel, feel
free to ask me via Twitter, Instagram, email and make sure to
connect with the Mint blog so that next month you can see how to save money on your accommodation. See you later!

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  1. I refuse to take financial advice from a woman named "Sabryn," or even worse, a woman whose name is "Sabrine" but pronounces it "Sabrinn," who is also likely the product of an overly privileged upbringing.

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