The Clumsy Traveler Recaps Her Trip (And Budget) From Peru

Hi everyone! My name is Sebrin and I am The Clumsy Traveler, here to give you my final recap from my birthday
trip to Peru And it was absolutely crazy. But, I have to say, I am very happy to be back with my cats I had the most spectacular time in Peru We went to Machu Picchu and saw the seventh
world wonder We went to the top of Rainbow Mountain at an extremely high altitude after never hiking, ever We went and saw llamas in Cusco and danced
with the people in the streets for the Inti Raymi festival We were in sand dunes on buggies in Huacachina and we even went to the Amazon and saw tons of different animals that we
never would have seen even in some of the greatest zoos in the world. It was probably one of the best experiences
I ever had. Unfortunately, we didn’t save as much as
we thought for three things that we went over budget
for: ground transportation, food and accommodation. The worst was probably ground transportation If I could save for just a little bit longer
for those three things, I think we would have a completely stress
free trip. However, there was one thing that I learned
that was incredibly important and that is traveler’s insurance. I won’t bore you with the entire story But, basically, we were stranded at the Lima
airport even after we took off in the air to Cusco and turned right back around and had to buy
a brand new flight with no help from the airline, whatsoever. If I didn’t have traveler’s insurance, we never would have continued on our journey we would have been stuck in Lima and probably would have had to go home. So if I have to say anything about what you’re going to buy for your trip or
what you have to budget, travel insurance is the most important and
essential thing that you could ever buy for yourself. And I just want to thank you guys so much
for following along my financial saving journey as well as listening to me ramble on about my cats, and where I want to go for my birthday and, it’s been really fun Thanks for tuning in, I hope you guys
continue to follow me on Instagram or Twitter @theclumsytraveler and, if anything else, continue to follow
Mint because it’s a very valuable tool for saving
and they just have a lot of really cool information. So thanks you guys! And hopefully, I’ll see you around the world! Bye!

3 thoughts on “The Clumsy Traveler Recaps Her Trip (And Budget) From Peru

  1. Totally agree about travel insurance. we've got learned "the hard way" We all think it will never happen to us.

  2. I wish you can give more important info like what happened , what airline was, why did not refund or get a new fly things like that can help also now theres 2 new local peru airlines the travel to cuzco 40 times a day , FYI

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