The changing face of tourism | The Economist

Since the 1950’s, the number of people going
on holiday has soared. The global tourism industry is booming. In 2017, it generated
eight trillion dollars to the economy, and accounts for 10% of
employment worldwide. Americans used to be the
biggest movers in the industry. Now it’s the Chinese. Last year, more Chinese people traveled and spent more money doing so than any other nationality. As middle classes get wealthier across emerging market countries, so too, do their travel budgets. The number of Indian
travelers is on the up with countries such as
Jordan, Australia and Israel making it easier for Indians to get visas. Although, only seven
percent of Chinese citizens own a passport, by 2030, Chinese trips will account for around a quarter of
international tourism. Thailand is the top
international destination for Chinese travelers. Mexico is the number one choice for residents of the United States, but Europeans tend to stay in Europe. Around 90% of nights spent
by tourists in the E.U. are by European residents. Europe is the most visited continent, and France, the most visited
country in the world. Tuvalu, the small island nation in the South Pacific, the least. This is because it is so far away from the rest of the world. Tourism is increasing in most
areas in the world except one. Travel bans on people
from Muslim countries, more visa checks and the stronger dollar have made the United States a less attractive
destination for visitors. Since the 1950’s, the number of people going
on holiday has soared. The global tourism industry is booming.

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  1. Europe is turning into an African and Islamic colony, not sure if it'll continue to be a tourist destination considering it is becoming a disgusting place to visit, look at Paris, London or even Brussels, disgusting shitholes due to thirdworldization.

  2. Pakistan surprisingly got 2 million tourists. Many people have no idea about it's northern sights. It literally competes with Switzerland, if you don't believe me, look up "Road Trip to HUNZA VALLEY by beingAtraveller"

  3. Europeans staying in Europe should not be viewed as international travel. What’s the point of the EU and the Euro then???

    Next, you will tell me that Europe is a continent!!!

  4. Okay people you know the drill! Who are the worst tourists?!
    only submissions with examples.

  5. Were people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen really travelling to the US in such droves as to have such a profound effect on the US tourism industry? Common sense says no

  6. lefties Economist had to dig at the USA… Travel bans to 7 tiny poor country would hardly be noticeable. Just another sly anti Trump backhand

  7. Why go to the USA anyway. It's National Parks are certainly worth a visit but overall it's just Europe, but louder.

  8. ~50% of Americans can't even afford to take vacation days. Many use their vacation days (if they get any) for sick leave when they get ill.
    Out of the ~50% that take vacation days, 40% can't afford vacation outside U.S.A, excluding Canada or Mexico.
    Then it's only about 10% Americans that can afford to go to EU, Asia, South America, etc…
    There are millions of Americans that haven't even seen the oceans or have traveled out of their states, one of the downside of working two/three minimum wage jobs.
    Then the rich gets another tax break.

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  10. Can 'The Economist' please tell us what was meant by the introductory kind of message at the 'last' of the video?!!

  11. As a person who has a bachelor in tourism management, the idea of the strong currency being less appealing to tourists have always been a debate. For example, Canada currently have wayyyy weaker currency than compare to US; yet, when people (American tourists) were surveyed whether they would want to visit Canada in their life time, they would always put visit Canada in their bucket list rather than actually taking the advantage of their weak currency (so, in our lecture, we concluded it was more of values that drive people to travel. Weaker currency of a destination is a plus, but not a significant decision factor.) .
    Destination Canada data reveals while US market is still the major market driver of the Canadian tourism industry, the number of visitation did not drastically change compare to other countries visitation like China, India and UK.

  12. The Economist showing its true colours again; first promoting an Islamic state with the last advertisement for Saudi Arabia followed by this drivel.

    The Economist pretends to make a statement about tourism but of course ends it with a dig at the USA stating that the 4% decline is due to the travel ban, more visa checks and a stronger US dollar. Obama's travel ban, instigated by Trump is focused on a small group of relatively poor, Islamic countries known for extremism; these countries account for a tiny fraction of tourism dollars yet the Economist put this at the top of the list. Pathetic.

    To enter the USA, people from many countries require a visa; this has always been the case and checking the visas is a routine role of border/immigration security so to suggest that there are "more" visa checks is a very disingenuous action by the Economist.

    Surprise, surprise, the USA economy is doing well and the dollar is stronger. This is probably the only real reason that the USA tourism activity is down 4%; a trip to Disneyland costs more this year than last.

    The Economist has truly lost its focus. So sad.

  13. USA are burning and are horribly hot. Why on earth would people go there ? Europe is a lot more interesting place to visit.

  14. Why go to the US? If you somehow get past their unfriendly immigration, you're just as likely to be shot to death by gun totting power hungry cops, as you are to be mugged.

  15. The travel ban is NOT A MUSLIM BAN!!! It bans 7 countries that are muslim majority. But guess what, muslims from indonesia, pakistan, India, bangladesh, nigeria, egypt etc. who make up a mjaority of muslims worldwide can still come to the US. It's just 7 countries that can't come.

  16. when China's regime will start screwing business and Chinese peasants even more, there will be a lot more Chinese all over the world .Unless far left liberals start winning and destroying western economies and societies till then Chinese have a lot problems

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  18. France is NOT the most "visited" country. That's just manipulation of statistics. More than 60% of the visitors to France are just passing by: from northern Europe to southern Europe, from eastern Europe to western Europe, vice versa… A country with the ugliest 'landmark': unfinished scaffolding called 'Eiffel'.

  19. For Europeans, there's a lot of great things to see in Europe, so fewer middle class citizens spend hundreds of dollars for plane tickets to America. For less than the cost of a plane ticket to the US and back, they can have a full city break in other EU countries

  20. Malaysia does get tourists, but is much less wel known in the West than Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Bali (Indonesia).

    Come on over to Malaysia guys. It's much more than just the Petronas Towers.

  21. Look at the spendings and compare population to the amount of money spent on holidays ^^ The europeans are still the biggest spending tourists in the world despite they aren't the most tourists ..quiet interesting, especially if you compare with the US

  22. France also offers a certain je ne sais quoi ;
    they are very tolerant of camping and camper-vans.
    Laissez faire (let things take their own course) is the
    French way.

  23. Lol not an economist video without a little US bashing in the end but casually fails to mention that US is still the 2nd most visited country in the world by tourists. The world needs USA to survive and not the other way around.

  24. Tuvalu IS NOT the least visited country in the world. I just got back from Equatorial Guinea and the Central African Republic. The Central African Republic got less than 250 tourists last year and Equatorial Guinea got less than 150. South Sudan and Yemen probably got even fewer than those two.

  25. @1:26: I've read in multiple places that Bangladesh is actually the least visited country in the world, to the extent that even Saharan countries like Mali and Burkina Faso get more tourists.

  26. China has way more people than America so that’s no surprise, but I’d rather have Americans in my country than Chinese, Chinese are just mannerless.

  27. Most people I know in America "tour" America itself rather than other countries. I have to say though that 4% decrease is not something to be worried about. And, out of the reasons mentioned its more likely that a strong dollar is the true deterrent. The other is just opinions.

  28. well unfortunately now China is experiencing consumption downgrade so maybe they won't account for a quarter of the travelers. In the meantime, I noticed undeniable increase of Indian tourists in the US and Europe, especially in the past 2 years. So I guess maybe India is going to the biggest traveling people by 2030.

  29. I love the shaft at Donald at the end. Cause you know… he banned all Muslims from the USA that’s it….. at least they mentioned the real reason. The Rise of the USD VALUE

  30. I have visited most of the countries in the world and according to me India is the best country as people are very nice and kind and a must visit country as she has one of the ancient culture and huge cultural diversity and very beautiful and diverse landscape. People can learn a lot about life by visiting India.


  32. The US for holiday? Hell no, nothing to see but Disney Land and McDonalds. Boring. Thailand, Mexico, Singapore for surpass the US with attractions, nice people and of course food. Food in US sucks, people's kindness non-existent thanks to the Clown in office. Prices are through the roof in the US.

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  34. There are the world's most visited coutrines in 20 years to have an idea 😉

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