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I can’t sing. Only drink. Welcome to Candy Trips. I’m Melissa. Today we’re being musical. We’re off to Orwohaus. Today we’re in Marzahn. For all those who don’t know, Marzahn is very, very, very far from the centre. On the very right. The only thing you can do here is live in those beautiful, huge prefabricated buildings. Marzahn is not thought to be the most xenophile district of Berlin, but I think it’s interesting that it’s one of the safest districts. You don’t get beaten up by Nazis much, apparently. We’re collating information about Marzahn. I’m not from here. Can you tell us about Marzahn? I’m from Reinickendorf. Don’t you live here? Where do you live? Zehlendorf. No-one lives in Marzahn. All those buildings must be empty. Well, almost all. Is anyone here from Marzahn? We’re all from Hellersdorf. They say Marzahn-Hellersdorf is right-wing and full of Nazis. Is that true? No? Less and less. NPD used to get 7%, now only 3. So the image is bad but it’s alright? Like any other district, I’d say. Crossing the street here is a bit like Frogger. Remember the Playstation game? There are as many lanes here. Spooky. We made it! Without getting mugged. The big mystery of the day: What is the broom doing here? We can see the building but we can’t get there. HIGH VOLTAGE MORTAL DANGER I can hear music. Can you see that big spooky thing? It’s a carline thistle, they’re protected. No drunken musician has flattened it. I’m impressed. Another carline thistle. This must be a nature reserve. Gosh, they’re massive, too. Drunken musicians don’t walk into them because they’re spiky. Is it wise to use the lift in a derelict building? Claustrophobes shouldn’t ride this lift. We finally found it. Now we’re off to see the chairwoman of the board of the association. I think she’s playing right now. Let’s see. You’re Anne. What is it that you do here? Yes. I mainly make music here. I’m also the chairwoman of the board. This is Europe’s largest self-governed rehearsal room building. How many bands rehearse here? We have 100 rehearsal rooms, and about 600 musicians. Whom would we know? Right now Tim Bendzko is downstairs. Seriously? It’s not beneath him to rehearse in a building like this? We have a showcase room for preparing for tours downstairs. Jeanette Biedermann used to rehearse here. Seriously. Ohrbooten are here, Die Happy, Knorkator. Singer wanted for rubble women rock ‘n’ roll. Required: advanced alcoholism and erm, singing, right? I’m afraid I can’t sing. Boozing is no problem. Maybe once I’ve drunk enough. What are you? Rock polka… Power polka. We’re from a mountain village in Kazakhstan and were driven away by our women. Now we have to make money in West because our women kicked us out. We’re destitute music nomads, so to speak. And hedonistic adventurers. Correct. But do you still have goats? No, we had to sell them for vodka on the way. You really want the internet to see this? They’ve seen other stuff, too. They gave you the loser instrument. Correct. Who pulls the most women? Not him. I do. The keyboardist. Why, sure. This is a joke. We’re spread evenly. The guitarist gets all the guys, I get the girls. You’re also with Onkel Bernies Butze? We found YouTube celebs. We’re like colleagues. Yes, indeed. That’s true. I’m Onkel Bernies Butze’s neighbour. I think one should be proud of being a neighbour. Yes. The whole neighbouring thing is disappearing. You don’t know your neighbours. Only when they start to smell. Alright, guys. Thank you, thank you. It’s a little far away. It’s in beautiful Marzahn. I like it here. Nazis? Not at all. Not in this district. You’d think, right? It’s crazy, that was ten years ago. But it was that long ago. Then lots of Russians were supposed to be here. I have no idea who spreads those rumours. I spent my entire life here, I grew up here. Now I live in Hellersdorf. There is no reason to diss this place whatsoever. It’s just sad people who go to work and don’t earn enough. That’s true. Yes, there’s few young people here. In GDR times they built this to create living space for the people. Most people then moved here and just stayed. Their kids must have moved to Mitte or Friedrichshain. It’s a known fact. All the people I used to know have moved away. Tell us about the building. It used to be Original Wolfen, a GDR film manufacturer. After reunification, all the old industrial buildings which were owned by the state were handed over to TLG, a property trust company. They just let the building fall into disrepair, but they also rented it to musicians. At some point, in 2004, the building authorities detected a lack of fire protection. So they gave notice to all the tenants, especially the musicians. That was a right ruckus. They took over the building and closed off the road. So we founded the association and managed to get a loan. So it’s our building now. Cool. So, are you always open? Do people rehearse all the time? 24/7? Yes. There is a code for the door which all the tenants know. They can come and go. It’s like a flat, but… For making noise. Yes. A party flat. But now it pays for itself? Definitely. Are you still looking for people? Right now the building is pretty full. People who want to contribute are always welcome. But the rehearsal rooms are full. We have waiting lists. I’m done. Musicians are yelling from the windows. It’s time for us to go home. I had a ton of fun, I hope you did, too. What’s your favourite band? Do you have your own band? Write me a comment. Where should our next Candy Trip go? Comment on this clip. Remember to subscribe and watch my other clips. See you next time. Subtitles by Stephanie Geiges

20 thoughts on “The biggest rehearsal ever: ORWOHaus // Candy Trips

  1. Noch bin ich Solo"künstler"/Straßenmusiker, aber ab nach den Sommerferien starte ich miteiner HeavyMetal Band :3
    Und hier und da treff ich mich mit Leuten um Lieder zu schreiben 🙂
    Wer bock hat Musik zu machen: Ich komm aus Dortmund, PN me :DD

  2. ich spiele auch in einer band
    ist aber eine schülerband
    und wenn ich das so sagen darf nicht die beste
    wenn ich die band nicht gegründet hätte, wäre ich schon längst ausgestiegen

  3. naja…die wucht mit der hier offene Türen über randbezirke eingerannt werden, ist schon etwas entsetzlich…und dass musiker auf besofen und frauengeil reduziert werden ist auch nicht gerade tiefsinnig…insgesamt verdient dieses einmalig geile Projekt eine weniger hohle Botschaft, finde ich…

  4. ich bin eigentlich eher so jemand der so Hardrock und havy metal hört… z.B. lordi oder Metallica 😍

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