The Best Side Hustle: Make Money with Road Trips

Good morning. Bye. Good trip, and drive safely. Go from zero means many things to me, and
it’s not start from zero degrees. It means starting from zero without any money and without any experience to build up my dream. I gave up my nice apartment in the middle
of the city center in The Hague. I’ve sold everything I got, to book a one-way
ticket to Bankok and explore my roots. I’ve temporarily moved back with my parents
to save money. And that also means I need a side hustle so
I can keep on going to teach myself how to make videos Okay, see you tonight… Save journey. Around 4 or 5 p.m.?
Ok, I’ll be back at 3 p.m. One of my side hustles is to drive for the
delivery company of my cousin. And for me that is perfect, because
one: I love to drive, and two: I get to earn some extra cash. So, a classic win-win situation. For me, driving in a car is the ultimate sense
of freedom. There’s just something about being on the
road. You get to places you never been before, or
wouldn’t think you would ever see. I can still remember the first time I came
to the Netherlands when I was about five. That’s when I saw this row of windmills for
the first time. For me, that was if I was in the future. And it still looks a little bit like that. One of my most memorable road trips was in
Brazil, with my good friend Lucas. This trip was about five years ago,
it was such a memorable trip, that I still think about it from time to time. That was the first stop of the day, now the second. That was the second and last stop of the day,
and now it’s two hours drive back home. A quick lunch break. Before I went in, I was hangry,
After my first bite, I felt great, After my second bite I felt okay at best, And now, I just feel… As long as I’m not in a traffic jam,
driving like this also feels like a road trip to me I go from A, to B, to C, and back to A again. And I’m not in a hurry. I get to places I didn’t go before. So all in all… Yesterday, I made beef stew. It’s beef with a lot of unions,
a potato to make the sauce a little bit thicker. And now I’m going to make my famous caramelized
chicory. Or in Dutch: “gekarameliseerde witlof”
Some people might think this is bitter… And, it is a little bit bitter. But if you make it my way, I will assure you
that everybody will love this. First I cut off a little bit of the bottom. Just a tiny bit. And take out the leaves that fall off. Now all the chicory is nice and clean, we’re
going to saute them in a little bit of butter. Make sure you put the pan on medium-high heat. I always put a little bit of butter and oil,
so the butter doesn’t burn. And when the butter is getting a little bit
of color, then it’s time to put in the chicory. And you need to hear… And when you turn them, you’re looking for
a brown color like this. Then I ad the secret ingredient: a stock cube
is just fine because I ain’t got no time for that. And now for the chef’s secret: we use a little
bit of vinegar. So we have the sweet of the sugar, and with
the vinegar, we can balance the sweetness a little bit. And finally, some water. Normally I would also add some garlic, bay
leaf, rosemary, thyme, If I have it fresh. But I didn’t have all of it, so now it’s just
the plain version. Now it boils, I turn the heat all the way
down to the lowest setting. Then we let it simmer for about 30 to 45 minutes
Until you can poke with a knife slides right through the bottom part. And it has to be very very soft. Good? Good?
Delicious! Good!

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