The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Play Marvel Trivia | MTV News

– Surely you can name all
six of the Infinity Stones. – No. – Okay, that’s…that’s fair. – Please name all six of
the Infinity Stones for me. – Yellow, blue, red, green. – The colors? Or the names? – Gold. Rose gold. – Sly Family. – Sly and the Family. – There’s Oliver. – Oliver. (laughter) – Soul.
– Reality. – Time, Power, Reality, Space. – Time. – Mind. – Mind stone! – We’re missing the Mind Stone. – If you do the accent,
then it comes back. I do actually say this line in the film. Ah! – [Josh] Spelling question. Dormammu. Can you spell Dormammu for me? – [Don] D-O-R, okay.
– [Pom] Dormammu? (laughter) – D-O-R-M-A-M-U. – D-O-R-M-A-X, no, no, no. It’s a yes, give me a yes. – D-O-R-M-A-M-U. – Oh, it’s gonna be almost. – O-U. – Dormammu so fat. (laughter) – No, no, Chris. What’s an Obadiah Stane? Are you frozen? What just happened? Benedict? – It’s when you have food on Xandar, and all of a sudden you’re wearing white after Labor Day, ugh, tacky. – Tacky. – And you go to bite this Xandar fruit. – Called an Obadiah. – Uh-huh, and it just squirts on your white linen shirt. – There you have it, you have a… – (in unison) Obadiah Stain. – [Josh] What’s the name of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship? – [Benedict] Oh no, I know this. – [Tom] The Millennium Falcon. No, I’m joking, I know it’s
not called that, it’s called– – You were extremely close, to be honest. – The, uh, Millennium Falcon. – No. – Seahawk. (laughs) – I hope you know that. What’s the name of the
Guardian of the Galaxy’s ship? – Milano?
– The Milano. – Don’t be humble, I
mean, just embrace this. – There’s, well, it was the Milano. But now it’s got a new name. – That we are going to…
– I don’t know if it’s been out there yet. – We don’t want to ruin, I
don’t want to lose my job. Or have you lose yours. What were the names of the
aliens that invaded Earth at the end of the Avengers? – Oh yeah, everybody knows that one. You guys saw, you saw it. – You know what, I don’t remember. – The Chitauri. – The shiitaki. The shiitake worms. – The worms, the shiitake worms. Yeah, the shiitake worms.
– Space worms. – Final answer. – What are the aliens that invaded Earth at the end of the Avengers? – You’re good at this, yeah. – Yes, absolutely. – That’s not how it works, man. – Oh, oh, oh, the dudes that came with the damn centipede dude. – [Josh] Yeah. – Um… That was a cool little effect. – The Chitauri? Ay! Bam, bam, bam, bam.
– That’s good, Winston. – No? I’m alone? Celebrate with me! – [Josh] How would you
describe the Quantum Realm? – Okay, now this one you can’t get wrong. It’s whatever you say. It’s just what you think.
– Mm-hm. – That’s not a subjective, it’s not.
– Sure it is. – It’s actually a very objective–
– Nope. How do you describe it? She might say–
– I don’t know what it is. – It’s like cotton
candy, the quantum realm. – [Josh] And that would be wrong. – No, it’s an opinion. Mine would be like it’s
like steel, that it’s hard. – Right, okay. – Um, it’s everything happening at once. – That feels profound and
incorrect, but we’ll take it. – Quantum Realm is, uh, it depends. Now, we’re talking quantum
realms in terms of realms, there is an astral
plane, and there’s, uh… – Four quadrants. – If the astral plane can Astroglide into the Quantum Realm,
then it feels a lot better. – It’s like an area that’s of quantum. – Very, very, very, very tiny. It’s where Ant-Man gets shrunk to. – I thought that was your realm. Oh, right, you’re the time realm. – Uh, yeah, it was kind
of the bleed-in to that sort of thing that then
– The Quantum Realm. – exploded with Dr. Strange, yeah. – Can you describe what
Scarlet Witch’s power is? – Yeah, yep, there you go, do it. – That’s a good description, right? – That’s it. And then stuff happens outta here, and then it’s like wooph. – She moves stuff with her mind.
– Yeah, man. With her fingers. – Fingers, mind power and finger power. – Anthony. – Thank you. See, I went to elementary school. I can deal with kids. She has the ability to
control space and time metaphorically.
– Quantum. Hit ‘im, hit ‘im with it. – With the quantumization
– Oh God. – of her hands. – [Winston] Yes. – And she does, like,
this pop-and-lock thing to make it happen. – Which MC character’s name
would make the worst baby name? Worst baby name in the many characters. – Black Widow. – Drax would be pretty awful. – Drax’d be bad. – Don Cheadle. – Gomorrah. – Mmm. – It is an odd choice for a child. – Warmonger? (laughter) Maybe? This is baby Warmonger. – I think you got it. And lastly, we don’t know the name of the next Avengers movie,
the untitled Avengers 4. What should it be called? – Quantum Infinity. – No! – Avengers, This Is What Happened Next. – Maybe stick to the day job. (laughs) – It should be called, um… The Long Goodbye. – So Avengers.
– [Josh] Got it. – And then you have Thanos,
and you have a quote, and then you have Thanos
saying, “I ain’t never left.” – You have in parentheses an action, which is mic drop.

100 thoughts on “The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Play Marvel Trivia | MTV News

  1. Love how Tom is the only one to name all the stones. Like he’s the biggest marvel nerd of the bunch, and it’s so perfect to the character

  2. 0:28 – hello my name is

    lolololol, is that a joke?? do they really all have nametags on hahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I love Zoe Saldana at 0:59 hahahaha 💕💕💕💕

  3. man:can you tell me the names of all the infinity stones

    the one person who made 2 movies about them:no

  4. 5:04 when Mark Rufallo says it should be called “Long goodbye” i just saw Iron man in my eyes😭😭

  5. “It’s got a new name”
    It’s because of the 3rd movie of GOTG which is now Asgardians of the Galaxy. Thor probably changed the name

  6. Anthony Mackie, about to say endgame: End-
    Winston Duke, not wanting to get in trouble: qUaNtUm iNfInItY
    Mackie: nO
    Sebastian Stan: lmao

  7. Did anyone else notice that Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland both had „Tom H.“ on their name tag? Haha well done I’d say

  8. Letitia/Shuri: So Avengers, then you have Thanos and you have a quote, and then you have Thanos saying "I ain't never left"
    Elizabeth/Scarlett Witch: You have in parentheses an action, which is mic drop
    Interviewer: Got it. Ok

    Elizabeth and Letitia are a great naming movies team
    They're so funny!

  9. Is it me, or is Anthony secretly trying to hide his power-levels in these Infinity War promo's? Like, I just saw a "Name the movie Villain" promo where he went with Omega Red when shown Whiplash from IM2. I mean… Omega Red hasn't been seen since the 90's, he is SUPER obscure. He's an X-Men villain so obscure I don't even think Fox are aware of him. Then you've got him INSTANTLY going for the Chitauri answer here.

  10. sorry but my favourite part 2:27
    "Oh Oh the dudes that came with the damn centipede dudes."

  11. Interviewer: what were the names of the Aliens who invaded earth in the first Avengers movie

    Anthony Mackie: OH OH the dudes that. Came with the damn centipede dude


  12. I loved it when Josh directly said 'no' after the interviewer asked him a question and he was like 'ok whatever he's thanos after all i shouldn't mess with him"

  13. Lmao I almost don’t recognized Zoe Saldana since I’ve been used to seeing her fully green, and w/ out eyebrows

  14. 0:00

    Interviewer: Surely you can name all the Infinity stones.

    Josh: No

    Interviewer: I'm kinda disappointed.

  15. can you name the 6 infinity stones?

    literally Thanos: um.. nO

    Tom: oh, it’s, time, mind, power, soul, space and reality

  16. Its really sad to see that the avenger cast don't know much of the avengers movies even though after casting in those movies.

  17. "She has the ability to control space and time metaphorically, with the quantumization of her hands."

    Isn't that Doctor Strange's thing?

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