Thailand Travel (Talking With Travelers From All Over The World) 🐘

from Romania Germany Italy Rainian Island Spain Portugal Pushwa Turkey Amsterdam Argintina Germany, Munich Italy Japan Australia Brazil France Holland Chile Canada France North India Switzerland Holland Poland Slovania England and America Las Vegas Boston Were American This is for her Youtube channel You understand me? My English is not so good Kind of, but that’s ok Maybe it’s not good sí, guapa ha ha ha ha How old is she? Oh, she is about 5 years old She thinks I’m her mommy You are I think, ha ha ha ha The religious and all the practices are very very close to Thailand Oh, the Buddhism? Birth to death The experience, and this Very beautiful. Yeah, very nice here In the village, in which the people make their own coffee I was sweating eating the red curry today You were sweating yer but Plus it’s spicy and spicy Last year I drink so much beer, and people remind me as a fat belly guy here And things on sticks, ha ha. Ahh mango Mango Yeah, spicy Good to come here? Yeah, good OK The best in Thailand if you want to snorkeling. the best one is in Krabi The friendliness of the Thai people, their overall courtesy is just stupendous So how could we come into a nice place in the mountains? Yesterday we did some nice boat tours I have read there are 300 temples 300? 300 temples in Chiang Mai So how do like Thailand? It’s very nice Yeah Hello Mom Hello Mom, ha ha Ayutthaya is very nice Very nice, old cities, very nice It’s pretty amazing, all these temples, and the beach as well Tomorrow we go to Bangkok, for 2 days Were sorta undecided which island to go to The shallow dives are the best. oh, ok, that’s interesting You can see quite a lot doing snorkeling Were trying to decide which island, some are busy, some are quiet That’s the best part, you can walk around a see everything, you don have to… We entered into a Buddhism class Oh, you did? So we read a little bit We did a cooking class actually We were just like, we gotta try McDonald’s, to see if there is anything different Oh in Ireland right now? wow It’s nice to be here this time of year She’s from Chiang Mai? yeah, this is my family now They have smiling faces Yeah, this is Billie, she is the star of the Youtube channel

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