Thai Visa run border crossing from Mae Sai, Thailand to Tachilek, Myanmar (Burma) Travel Video

We’re being deported from Thailand, so we’re
planning our escape. No, okay, actually it is time for a Visa run. We’ve been living
in Thailand for a month now and we only get thirty days, so today we’re going to Burma
to get an extension and right now we’ve stopped in Chiang Rai where we have this lovely sulfur
spring that smells like eggs. So we’re not too far from Chiang Rai right
now. We’ve got here in like record time. Our driver is an absolute maniac. He’s driving
on the wrong lane in places where it says forty kilometers he’s going like one hundred
or one hundred and twenty but at least we’re going to get there fast if we actually make
it there alive. Water spring noises. Background music playing. And just like that we’re in Burma and this
is my little pass. I’ve only got an hour until we’ve got to cross the border again. Background music playing. Three for 6 baht. So I’ve just got a little goody bag of treats.
I honestly don’t have any clue what it is. We really don’t have a lot of time. We were
only given one hour to cross the border and get back, so now we’ve got to head back to
the Thai side already. So sad. Yeah. Background music playing. Okay, so how the Visa run works. We took a
bus from Chiang Mai to Mae Sae and that was 650 Baht and it took about four hours. Then
once we reached the border we had to go through Immigration, get our passports stamped and
we paid five hundred Baht to get our re-entry Visa basically. The whole process cost only eleven hundred
and fifty Baht which is slightly less than forty US dollars. So that gives us an extra two weeks in the
country before we need to hop another border in order to extend again. Background music playing.

28 thoughts on “Thai Visa run border crossing from Mae Sai, Thailand to Tachilek, Myanmar (Burma) Travel Video

  1. Haha, actually not too often. However over the past 4 months both Sam and I have each eaten something that was a bit funky… It was pumpkin soup for the boy, and a bad pork burrito for me. Both those incidents were in nice restaurants; we've never had any trouble with street food. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You must've created a good immunity over there! I always have the luck of trying something different and ending up in the bathroom lol

  3. LOL, it's terrible when it creeps up on your fast and you're taking a bus, train or plane somewhere.

  4. Yes, you can get a 3 month Visa but it takes a day or two to process. The easiest place to do that is George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

  5. LOL, that's always a fun border. It was raining buckets as recently as a few weeks ago before we left. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.

  6. $40 every two weeks. 52 weeks in a year so minus the first month is 48/2 = 24X$40 =$880 to stay in Thailand for a year. They got a pretty good racket going.ย 

  7. I get a 60 day 2 entry visa for $60 in the Thai Consulate in Vancouver. in 2010 they were free. Dumb me … I shudda asked for a 3 month x 3 Entry Visa!

  8. Hi guys, your channel is awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a question about the Visa… Did you have a return ticket when you got it? I'm experiencing some troubles about it :/

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