classmates this is going to be
sublime today sublime no … How was it? … spectacular! we have already arrived here, so we leave
our car in the parkings enabled for visitors and come …
to visit Molinos … the narrow streets of Molinos we
they will plunge fully into the Middle Ages the porches of its square, its temple and the
beautiful crystal caves sure that they will surprise the traveler Wonderful
i love it And here in the Teruel Mastership there
true architectural jewels and natural, good example of that is
Mills, which has both because both its architecture and its natural environment
they are a true wonder and the truth is that the population is beautiful you are already seeing Its architecture is wonderful we are getting closer to the square
Higher how nice and a must see is your church, a
beautiful gothic temple built in the XV century and that inside stand out
its altarpiece and its two baptismal font of course the church is a
true wonder companions you can see all the polychrome I love churches so I
love it .. it’s amazing and in the town hall is where we are going to acquire
the tickets to see the grottos of crystal I already have my tickets and
now I am going to the caves of Cristal, the guide is
waiting there as you can see there is an area with ample parking even playground for kids
but of course we are on weekdays and it is in winter therefore this bar
now it is closed let’s climb the stairs these caves declared monument
native of Aragon offer a visit to feel and reflect on the world
underground the last continent that we it remains to be discovered and here I am with Raquel we are going to
Start the visit to these Molinos caves she is going to be our guide This Cave was discovered on April 1
from 1961 he was discovered group of Catalan speculators with the help of
Molinos neighbors every inch of training is
estimate that it costs approximately about 100 years form and as usual when you come to
visit a site like this no play with the finger
because every formation of this it costs thousands and thousands of years to be done
then these caves that are prepared for the visit because they already have
its path that is not random You cannot take pictures and videos without permission and we are already going outside of
the cave I’m going to wear warm because they are fresh look is a dragon on a fence
do you remember what we were talking about that in Albarracín one of his curiosities
they were precisely the forge dragons if you have not seen the
video you click here on the link Apart from the Crystal Grottoes Well, another thing that
you must do is wander get lost in its streets because that way
you can see wonders like this What do you think ? you are already taking the agenda and
point a visit to Molinos a jewel of the Turolense Mastership if you want to continue accompanying me to
visit all these places well … subscribe here and ring the bell to make this trip together through Aragon

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