Teresa encounters a series of bad news | Starla Recap (With Eng Subs)

But how did that kid
manage to save up money? I don’t know either! He gave me all of his savings
to buy Rambo’s formula too! Wait a minute. What is that boy
up to this time? Anyway, I’ll go look
for Jepoy outside. – Alright, please do, Sylvester.
– I will. Bye. – I can’t leave the kids.
– Alright. Best friend, have you
seen Jepoy anywhere? I ran into that boy earlier
when I was going here. Where was that? I think he was
going to their school. What? What will he do there? – Let’s look for him.
– [CLAMORING] Excuse us.
We’ll just look for him. Excuse us.
We’ll just look for him. Is something wrong, Buboy? [SNIFFS] Then why do you seem sad? Alright. If you don’t want to talk,
then fine. But if you need my help,
just tell me. I got your back, okay? Alright, you should rest now. [PANTING]
You’re bad, Jepoy! Why did you bury me alive?! You’re the meanest person ever! I’ll move you to
a different hiding spot. I can’t have someone else
find you here. I might lose my money. What?! Does this mean
you’re not going to return me to Buboy yet?! You’re bad, Jepoy! Jepoy! Uncle Sylvester! What are you doing here
at this hour?! Why didn’t you go
straight home? What are you doing here? Jepoy, why do you have this? Jepoy, tell me the truth! I was going to use that
to ask Buboy for money. He was supposed to give me
his allowance for a month. Oh no! You wanted to
use me for money?! Unbelievable! You held this firefly
for ransom?! Why isn’t your firefly glowing? It’s been like that
since yesterday. Buboy. Are you sure it’s still alive? Daddy Greggy, Teresa,
please don’t worry about Starla. Really? This early
in the morning? What are you talking about? It’s your face.
You’re scowling again. Did you wake up
on the wrong side of the bed? We haven’t even
started arguing yet. You know, Tere… You’re not fighting with him,
you’re flirting with him. Shut up! [HUFFS] Hello, Tonton.
Hello, Buboy. Hello! Buboy, Jepoy here wants
to give back something. What is it? Here you go. What? Starla! [UNHEARD] Hi, Buboy! I couldn’t tell Mister Greggy that Starla went missing,
so I used this empty bottle. If I do, Jepoy told me
[THROWS MEAN LOOK] that he would squash Starla. [UNHEARD]
That’s right! Jepoy wants to crush me
like a tomato! How could you do that, Jepoy? Okay Jepoy, you know
what to do now. I’m really sorry, Buboy. I won’t do it again. Very good, Jepoy. I have to go now,
Uncle Sylvester. Alright. Take care. My name’s Pedro. Pedro? The man who fought off
the robbers? [BASHFULLY]
Y-yes, that’s right. You’re a local hero now. Not really. Mister Ruben’s
a good friend of mine, that’s why we raised money
for his medical bills. I just couldn’t let
those bandits run off with our hard-earned money. So that’s what happened. Anyway, I think you can look
forward to a plentiful harvest. thanks to these seedlings. [DOMENG]:
Good morning, Philip. What’s going on, Domeng? What’s going on, Domeng? Is there an epidemic, are they
getting vaccine shots? No, no. Doctor Philip invited an NGO
representative from Manila to conduct a workshop
on making solar lightbulbs. – A workshop?
– Yeah. Yippee! – Starla!
– [EXCITED SQUEALING] I’m free! [EXCITED SQUEALING] Starla! Hello, Buboy! I missed you so much, Buboy! I missed you too, Starla! I’m just happy that
you’re safe, Starla! Don’t cry, Buboy.
I’m here now. We’ll never be apart again. Solar light bulbs? How lame.
[APPLAUSE] Have at it, Philip.
Dream on. Through these small
conveniences, I hope you’ll think twice
about leaving Barrio Maulap and selling your land. Let’s begin.
First, we need a PVC pipe. Cut it to an inch. We need sandpaper and
a one-liter plastic bottle. We also need a sealant, which
we’ll use to seal the bottle. Pour bleach and water
in the bottle. Next, we’ll need pliers, Do we have snacks? Rice cake! My favorite! Someone’s in a good mood. You’re eating again. Your huge appetite is back. Daddy Greggy, you’re silly. It’s true.
You have a huge appetite. Look at your big tummy. Slow down, you might choke. Okay. Your firefly is glowing again. Yeah. I’m really happy. Starla, how are you? Hello, Mister Greggy!
I’m back! It stores energy from the sun
so we could use it at night. We still need to install that
on the roof. You can carry these lamps
from Attorney Tere anywhere. Oh. What happened? See? Doc Philip’s idea
is much better. You know what, Philip?
You’re too narrow-minded. Why don’t you look
at the bigger picture? Can’t you see that I’m bringing
progress to Barrio Maulap? By selling their land
and building a casino? That’s your plan, right? So what?
That’s still progress. People from all over
the country will come here. This area will thrive
through tourism alone. What about the residents?
Where will they go? What about the residents?
Where will they go? How is that progress
when everyone’s gone? Only your company
will benefit from it. Tell me. Can you really handle this job? Can you really handle this job? then just pack your bags
and go back to Manila! I can handle this, boss! Then prove it! Because ever since I got here, you’ve haven’t done
a single thing right! Now, do your job! You’re really confusing. Really? What did I do? I was so worried
about you the whole day, and now you’re eating
like a horse again. Don’t worry about me,
Daddy Greggy. I’m just really happy. Yeah, I can see that. Why are you so happy, anyway? You’ve been in cloud nine
since you got home. I’m just happy that
we’re together. And even though our life in
Barrio Maulap is simple, we can still eat three
square meals a day. Doesn’t that make you happy? I guess you have a point. Do you want to
eat with us, Teresa? Oh, Teresa’s home now! I’ll get you a plate. You don’t have to. I’m full. I just want to rest. [SCOFFS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [BOTTLE BREAKS] – [GRUNTING]
– [PLASTIC BREAKING] This is for you. Twenty thousand pesos? I owe you, remember? You can’t be earning much
from repairing electric fans. It’s been so long
since I last went here. Please let me give you
that good fortune. Is the check not enough? Do you know how
insulting this is? I work for what I have. I don’t ask for handouts. I guess mom is right. I have to set aside what
I feel about you, Teresa. Because my mission to save
Barrio Maulap from you… is more important than us. Maybe you’re
getting in her way because you’re still
upset that she left. Or maybe you still
have feelings for her! Cut it out, Domeng. Or maybe you’re still
in love with her! The more you hate…
the more you love. I hate you, Domeng. Buboy. Don’t leave me here. I have to, Starla. I already lost you before. Jepoy might do something
to you again. He promised he won’t
do it again. I can tell he’s still mad at me. He knows how important
you are to me. He can hurt me by hurting you. I don’t want something
to happen to you. You’re just being paranoid. How annoying. I’ll visit Mayor to ask
for additional budget so we could make more
solar light bulbs. Even though we don’t
have electricity, we won’t have to feel
our way in the dark. – Great idea, right?
– Yeah. Excuse me, Attorney. Good morning, Attorney. – Where did you get those?
– They’re from Doc Philip. He’s really nice. He gave us free checkups
and free solar light bulbs. We’ll be off, Attorney. What is this about? Is this about my leaving
without saying goodbye? Okay, I’m sorry. If you’re punishing me
because of that, have pity on the residents
and leave them out of it. Teresa, I chose not to work
in a hospital and get rich in order to take care
of Barrio Maulap. If you had your way,
this place would disappear. I’m doing this to take care
of this place. If you think I’m trying
to ruin your plans, If you think I’m trying
to ruin your plans, You’re the one who’s in
the way of my mission. I can’t pay for these. Focus on growing them. Just share your harvest
if you have any to spare. Don’t worry about it. Why are you doing this? I can’t sell them.
No one’s working in the fields. Might as well share them
than let them go to waste. I didn’t realize
you were this nice. Do you want the seeds or not? Do you want the seeds or not? I hope those seeds grow. Boss, I think I learned
something important today. And I don’t think
you’d like it one bit. What is it? I talked to Pedro,
he’s a farmer. I talked to Pedro,
he’s a farmer. I talked to Pedro,
he’s a farmer. What makes you think
I care about him? He was able to start farming
again because of your father. Mister Greggy gave him seeds. I saw Mister Greggy talking
to some farmers earlier. And he gave them seeds too. [PHONE RINGING] Robert. Yes? Tere! [STAMMERS] Joker Rosales is
with me right now. Here. Hello, Tere. How are you? Yes, Joker?
How are you? Why did you call? [STAMMERS] Well, you see,
Joker just wants you to know that he’s very pleased with the way you’re handling
our project in Barrio Maulap. Tere… Here’s the thing. During Joker’s meeting
with his Board, since he was so excited
and impressed with you, he assured his Board that you can deliver
Barrio Maulap within… …six months. What?! Hi, Daddy Greggy! Wow! You prepared snacks! Sit down and have some. I’ll eat later. I’ll just check on Starla. You didn’t bring Starla
with you to school? No, I didn’t! Starla! I’m sorry, Starla. Did you get bored? Did you get bored? It was really lonely here. It was really lonely here. I don’t like being alone. Alright. I was also sad because you
didn’t accompany me to school. I was also sad because you
didn’t accompany me to school. Buboy? Oh, no! Dexter. Yes, Boss? This is the worst possible time
for you to be incompetent. Boss, my future
in the company depends on this project. depends on this project. So you can count on me, Boss. Better make sure of that! Tere, Joker made a commitment. He assured his board that
you can deliver Barrio Maulap within six months. No!

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  1. This is such an epitome of real life drama….except fantaserye! Magagaling at tunay na tunay ang dating…Kung farmer sila talagang mukhang farmer ang dating,,Hindi yung farmer nga ang role pero naka make up and naka kulot kulotan ang buhok…

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