TENNIS World Tour : Guide Académie – 100% [FR/EN]

Hi everyboy and welcome on TV Tips Today, a guide about the academy To achieve it at 100% because you will need to clear it to earn specific cards, even if you only need to clear these challenges in the career mode and not especially in the academy mode So, quickly… I’m gonna do that video with english subtitles for once and the first time This idea comes from discussions in an english forum Nothing special for the first challenges For the Volley challenge You just need To use ONLY the slice button, but it’s not so hard. Services are easy However, a lot of players have pain with this f***** smash challenge ^^, so you will see i have been not very good, but i’ve cleared it At my best attempt, i finish it with 10 or 12 shots remaining You have just, but it’s extremely accurate, place yourself JUST IN FRONT OF the service line (medium line) It’s a pain to do that… But once you have understood the placement, u will succeed without spend to much time No problem for effect… So, that’s an ultimate pain… … Precision challenges (1&2) There are several ways to do… For the… For the targets of ” Precision 1 ” There are not very small, so you should clear this quickly Now, the ” Precision 2 ” challenge is an awesome painful test, mainly for the left target close to the net A quick advice… don’t hesitate To charge your shots BEFORE the ball starts Also, but more difficult, charge direction as the same way for all hard to aim targets Well, just BEFORE the ball starts. You can save shots and so conserve many tries It’s not so easy to do Finally, the moving challenge it’s really easy In this video, i miss a shot. No matter. I have a lot of time remaining. Another advice for it… keep sprint button It’s not difficult 😉 If u complete all the challenges at 100% U will unlock a hidden character This character will not appear ever !!! Got another video on that, no more commentary :-/ When i will publish the trophy guide If ” All that glitters ” trophy is patched… ( I pray for a fix… Pray with me ^^) I’ll post a redirection link on that video That will be a complement for specific cards I hope u will enjoy this 😉 And that helps ! See ya ! Bye

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