Témoignage de Bruno Martinaud (École Polytechnique) pour Cocertify

Ecole Polytechnique, February 2016 I am Bruno Martinaud, I lead the Entrepreneurship Program at Ecole Polytechnique I also teach entrepreneurship myself, after launching several businesses Finally, I am currently working on several MOOCs on entrepreneurship. What were your challenges? At Polytechnique the learning model is quite traditional so the idea was to think of how it could evolve. How did you learn about Cocertify? I heard about Cocertify when the founders reached out to me a few years ago. We felt ready to start a new experimental phase to test new models. How did you use Cocertify? We identified two courses to test the concept, the first one was an introduction to corporate finance and the second was an introduction to strategic marketing. We picked a few topics that we re-engineered to integrate peer-grading. What was the students’ perception? Overall, it was positive. There is a sort of continuum between the role of the student that learns and the student that grades. What are the benefits of Cocertify? There is a benefit which is student engagement due to the fact that students have a responsability of grading their peers It also becomes a part of the learning process By grading their peers, they improve their understanding of the concepts. Teaching is the best way to learn

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