Teaching-Children -16 Traveler with the Quranمسافر-مع-القرآن-16-الأبناء

In a journey to everywhere Between cities and nations In the presence of the Wise Remembrance The Lord of all hearts Has unified us… Has unified us all. And for the sake of memorizing the book We have knocked every door We shall continue this right path, before things come to an end A sincere message, from my heart, to all parents To every mother, and father, who wish to see their children memorize the Qur’an The message is, if you have young boy, or a girl Start planting the seed for Qur’an in them as early as possible Start with them now! Teach them to love and admire the Nobel Qur’an The book of Allah SWT is great, and it is the best trade for you as a father It’s the best trade for you, mother! Some of you might think; ‘Oh, Qur’an memorization is hard! I can’t make my children memorize it all,’ but allow me to disagree! Take it as a large investment project. Investments are usually expected to give revenue. However, all investments are not guaranteed to produce profit or loose. This is the single investment that has 100% success guaranteed, by the well of Allah Because the one who promised this profit is non but Allah swt, then His prophet may peace be upon him! Also, every investment project needs research – make things easy for yourself, a Feasibility study is needed. so as to begin this project, after research, to have that guaranteed success in this life and hereafter I know what you’ll say, ‘ From where I can get such Feasibility Study? It is difficult, who may do it for me?’ Don’t worry, your loving brother, Fahad, will give you a full outline for this Feasibility Study. All I want from you, is to hold on to me, and keep focused and you will see eventually, how easy it is to teach Qur’an to your children All you need as assets is solid determination, and strong desire for the profits of this project Your children are young? Trust me, this is the perfect time to memorize. ‘Learning in early age, is like engraving on stones’ [Old saying]. So start now with them and you will see how strong they will memorize Qur’an So, decide now, and next, I will give you this beautiful and easy study, by the well of Allah. [Egypt] The genius Sharif, is a living story of the effect of a parent on his child His father’s dedication for him, resulted in a brilliant young Hafidh, with a high proficiency in Qur’an So, sheikh Sharif, you memorized it in three month. This means an important point here, Which is the important role your father had played! Absolutely, and that is because, despite the mother also shares the effort, more responsibility is on the father To discipline and to deal with his son wisely, He plays an important role in the son’s learning of Qur’an My father used to help me memorize and encourage me so much He started at home with his mother, memorizing the short surahs listening to Al-Husari recitation Then she took him to the masjid, to learn more with sheikh Abdul-Shakour Mahmoud. He stayed for about 3-4 years and learned about 4-5 Juzzs with him At that time, we didn’t really give him that much of attention being busy with trade and business etc. As they say, busy with dunya! So the sheikh gave me a poem of 22 lines, I finished memorizing it in half an hour – 22 lines of poetry in half an hour?
– Yes!
– Ma’sha’Allah I went to my sheikh and told him I just finished memorizing it! he predicted goodness in me So, he sent after my father One day the sheikh told me that my son is talented with a strong memory “..So take care of his talent” By the well of Allah, this would bring good fruitful future So I took his advice seriously, and followed him up and made a schedule for him then I noticed a very good results by taking care of him at home he was on his own, for 4 years at the Qur’anic school as his father, I used to drop him there and leave him In four years, he memorized only 4 Juzz But, when we took care of him at home, the situation was better he could memorize the rest of the Qur’an in 3 months only Sheikh Sharif, how many hours do you spend with your father daily, to memorize the Qur’an? I started memorizing half a page a day, by the help of Allah So I’d recite a verse 20 times, then the next one for 20 times, then both together and done! and so on for next verses till I finish the half page Then Allah helped me polish my skill so much -to the extent that I was able to memorize one Hizb daily (half a Juzz)
-Ma’sha’Allah – one Hizb, our viewers, is equivalent to about 10 pages of the Qur’an
– exactly -Daily!
-yes – He memorizes with his father
– yes – I used to spend 8-10 hours
– Daily? – It depended on the difficulty of the Hizb – They vary, you know!
– Yes, you are right – There is a hard Hizb and an easy one
– Yes I used to take my time, up to 10 hours daily One could donate a pound, two, ten, or even a million pounds I donate 3 – 4 millions every day You might ask, how? I would say that; when I revise the Qur’an with my son, If we revise 5 or 10 Juzzs every day and every single letter has reward that is multiplied to ten We trade now with Allah Almighty hoping to find these deeds present in our books by His mercy After finishing memorization of the whole Qur’an By your effort, the help of your father and of Allah SWT, above everything, So you transitioned to the Qira’at yes, My father’s dream was that he could memorize the Qur’an I memorize the Qur’an because he read narrations about the status of the parents of that who memorizes the Qur’an (Put on crowns brighter than the sun light) So after I was done, he was saying, “What more can we do?” So he thought that this is the end of the road. But it was said to him ” You have just started!” They told him about Tajweed, so he took me to the sheikh and I learned it He told me to memorize Al-Tuhfa and Al-Jazriyah poems, and so I did. How old were you when you started learning the Qira’at? I was done memorizing the Qur’an on 7 years and 7 month old By 7 years and 9 month old, I finished learning Tajweed! – This including Tuhfatul-Atfal, and Al-Jazaryiah!
– Yes – Then I started in Qira’at – So you were almost 8 years
– Almost I started in Qira’at with my Sheikh at first we used to sit starting from Asr, till Fajr prayer He was so keen that I learn this as fast as I memorized the Qur’an… He wanted to replicate this achievement with Qia’at too! Yes, he wanted me to do the same with Qira’at which usually takes 8 years This is why he announced to all students that he will do Qira’at in only 6 month So everyday he started at Asr, till mid-night. Then from Asr to fajr! -I reached a level where I used to do 20 hours of studying,
-Ma’sh’Allan 3 hours of preparation This was very necessary because reciting Qira’at collectively is not as individually If he asks to recite one Qira’a, it is simply reading it But if he asks all of them, you have to repeat each word in the same order of Qira’at and applying applicable changes -So three hours to prepare myself, half an hour to sleep, and another half an hour to eat.
-Ma’sha’Allah Of course, at the beginning, it was very painful but at the end it turned very delightful This is Allah’s will. Such level of knowledge Ma’sha’Allah He memorized the Qur’an, and learned both major and minor Qira’at and certified in all … this level only comes by what you hear of his hard work, his schedule the great care of his parents, and commitment of his teachers He has a goal that he wants to reach with his life, and he wants to have a good impact on his community And reaching goals- as the sheikh said- could be very painful at the beginning, and exhausting. But the result is defiantly bright! ” Indeed the giant mountains over the horizon” ” They tremble by hearing of the Quran recitation” ” So preserve the book of Allah and it will always preserve you” ” How happy are the hufadh with the Quran, at all times” ” Indeed the giant mountains over the horizon” ” They tremble by hearing of the Qur’an recitation” On day, I was visiting a family that’s distinguished in memorizing the Qur’an. in Egypt In that house there were 3 daughters, a father, and a mother. So I asked the father: ” Did your daughters memorize the Qur’an?” ” Yes” His daughters are 6 years old, 9 years old, and 11 years old. I was amazed. The girl of 6 years old memorized Qur’an with perfection The girl of 9 years old also memorized Qur’an with perfection And similarly, the girl of 11 years old! So I immediately asked him, ” How did you teach them Qur’an? How comes all of your daughters memorized Qur’an with perfection at such age?” He told me ” All my daughters memorized the full Qur’an at the age of 6″ how? He told me, ” Sheikh Fahad, while their mother was pregnant with each of them, she never stopped listening to Qur’an and read it” He said ” any time a day, and whenever she had time she would read Qur’an loud, and make them hear it even in her womb” He said, ” Then at night, and when she goes to bed, she turns on the tape listening to Qur’an as if she is reading it for them to hear Every day till she delivered all of them” She followed the same way with all of the three girls, Which is very critical and important This sheikh, who got his daughters to memorize Qur’an at early age, said; ” I always used to let them hear it, since they were newborn, at home, car, before they go out” They always heard their parents recite and listen to Qur’an Studies proved that when a fetus hears the Qur’an It makes a big difference in his/her memorization This is a very important point in our continuous discussion on how we can help our children memorize the Qur’an This is my advise to you. Let them grow up hearing it everywhere, in car, before they sleep, in the morning before going to school Those devices fill the hands of our children nowadays, iPads, iPhones, and other audio-devices Let them consistently hear the Qur’an, all of it, and repeatedly At least the last Juzz when they are very young between 2-3.5 years old You will see for yourself how easy it will be for them to memorize it when they grow a bit older By the will of Allah, you’ll find them already used to Qur’an and able to memorize it very easily So after I finished the Qira’at, we had a ceremony and we were watching TV Islamic channels And we landed at a channel in which we saw sheikh Waheed Abdul-Salam Bali, the student of the honored Sheikh Abu-Ishaq Al-Huaini He was announcing an extensive course in Hadeeth of Al-Bukhari and Muslim books, a 40 days course! So my father said to me, ” Oh Sharif, I know you have just finished a very tough journey, but this is a very good course in the Hadeth of Bukhari and Muslim, and its only 40 days He told me this, and I replied, ” Let’s do it”. It was a six month struggle, so it doesn’t matter that we make them 8 month. -So I went there..
-Which area was that? -It was in Al-Mahala Alkubrah.
-So this means you had to stay there and even sleep there Yes. I had this 40-day course and another 40-days course in terminology So when I finished this one in 20 days, the sheikh said he would move me straight to terminology course Then I did terminology also in 20 days. So I learned all the authentic and agreed-on narrations of Al-Bukhari and Muslim, in addition to the terminology in 40 days. – How many narrations were these
– 11,000 in total -So now you memorized 11,000 narrations from al-Bukhari and Muslim
-Yes, by the blessing of Allah The sheikh, may Allah SWT preserve him, memorized 11,000 narrations of Bukhari and Muslim when he was 12 years old! I started feeling my life worthy, and this worth was all a result of generosity of Allah to me, through teaching my son the Qur’an Usually people are defined by their fathers. So someone would say, this is the son of so and so! But now, people define me by my son, saying this is Sharif’s father. Because my son is a hafidh! By the blessing of Allah, he is a great source of happiness to our house. By Allah’s mercy, people now love us because of his love to Qur’an By the blessing of Qur’an, Allah SWT has put love for us in all our neighbourhood Praise to Allah, everything is easy and all aspects are facilitated with the Qur’an, We feel the guidance of Allah in our house, a great bounty from Allah Almighty The Full Qur’an, the poems of Tajweed, the minor Qira’at, and now memorizing the Hadeeth books of Al-Bukhari and Muslim -Now let’s move on asking the sheikh in Qur’an
-You are welcome – Let’s do a small test, although I know your ability very well…
– May Allah bless you and houner you But let’s enjoy reciting the Qur’an with you. May Allah bless you ” And do not say about what your tongues assert of untruth,” “This is lawful and this is unlawful,” to invent falsehood about Allah ” ” Indeed, those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed.” ” [It is but] a brief enjoyment.” ” [It is but] a brief enjoyment, and they will have a painful punishment.” -MashaAllah, which surah is that?
-This is Surat-ul-Nahl, the middle of the last page of the 14th Juzz, to the left, That’s Allah’s will. May Allah bless and preserve you for your beautiful recitation -and your perfection of pronunciation
-May Allah bless you -Can I ask you one more question?
-As much as you wish ” And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them” “… and He placed between you affection and mercy.” “Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” ” And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth” “and the diversity of your languages and your colors.” ” Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge.” – Ma’sha’Allah
– May Allah bless you – Which Surah is this?
– This is Surat-ul-Rum, the middle of last page of the juzz, at the left. These verses talk about marriage among other signs of Allah’s creation, sings that are present in front of us… ” … and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors.” – You and us, Allah brought us together in love for His book
– Glory to Allah, praise is to Him ” Lovers in Jannah, their greeting is peace!” Memorizer who has been honored by the words of Lord of all creations” ” They recite in the late night, and between the days” ” Oh Allah, make them with the Ambassador nobles of angels”

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