Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Laptop Case

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . Are you tired of having to remove your laptop from its bag every time you go to the airport? If you are a frequent traveler, you know what it’s like. It’s a pain, and pretty much that all stems from the design of the bag. You need to let the people that work there get a clear shot of it on the x-ray machine, and that doesn’t work in most laptop bags. Take a look at this: This is called the Targus Zip-Thru. And pretty much what it is, it’s a bag designed to help you zip thru security check points at the airport. Not if you are trying to pass them with a bomb or anything, but you are trying to get yourself through to your flight quickly and efficiently, you don’t want to have to wait. You don’t want them spending any more time, then they have to searching through your bag, taking things out, inspecting it, it’s gonna help you, it’s great. So here is how it works: Here’s what happens most of the time: All your stuff is stacked up in here, so you got your laptop bag, and you got your mouse, and your power supply, and all this extra stuff, loaded up on here and it’s big and thick, and they can’t scan that through the x-ray machine. So what does this bag do? Well I’ll tell you it does. It has a little section here in the middle, and what this section does, Check it out: It lets you open the bag completely, so that you can lay it flat and the put it through the conveyor belt. Ok? So it’s gonna slide right through the conveyor belt, and the section that has the laptop is only this one section right here. The laptop’s here, everything else goes here. That lets them get a clear scan of just the laptop with nothing in the way to interfere. That’s the main issue. You get a clear x-ray of the laptop to make sure there is nothing in there ok? So this is an awesome, awesome bag. If you are in a trip, this is gonna help you get in the terminal quicker, so you can sit down, pull your laptop out, you know, your laptop out and start watching TV, or you know, watching funny videos on YouTube instead of being stuck in security. This will get you away from the big bouncer looking guy with the rubber gloves ok? This is gonna help you get right through security and right to your flight on time, and it’s all through this ingenious design that lets you scan the laptop completely separately. Again it even shows you. Laptop goes on this side, this side is everything else. Keys, folder and power. So that’s pretty much the main concept behind this bag. It does have a few other features though, it is very non-assuming, as you can tell, it’s just regular black, no crazy colors. But its got about all the functionality that you expect from a Targus notebook bag. Lets go over some of the pockets. You got one right in the front. Loose, no zipper, so this is kind of for dropping stuff, just on the fly. First pocket on the inside that you can unzip, you’ll see has a couple of little accessory pouches right here. Which you can do… you can throw in whatever you want. Put your power adaptor in there, or your mouse, and it comes with a removable, I don’t know what you call this: An accessory pouch, or a tote. I guess you could call it. On the inside, it’s kind of hard to see, but you do have a pen holder, and ID holder, this is a clip for you key chain, and a couple other little pouches where you can put your sorted things. Pretty much you can put whatever you want in there. Now if you keep on moving down through here, you see there is a hidden one. This is a little hidden one right in there. I don’t think anybody will find that one. It’s very small and it’s kind of not supposed to be there. But it’s nice an hidden. And in here is where you have the folder and file section, where you can put your magazines, your folders, all you paper work, all the important stuff. Keep it separated from the laptop. That’s very important, and then check out the final part, this is pretty interesting. They actually have something here called the Air Cushion System, actually is this called the Air Cushion? It’s called the yup: The SafePort Air Cushion System. Lets see if you can see it. All right, there we go. And this is pretty much a big cushion. It’s hard to see, but there is a big cushion and it goes all the way around the laptop. This is gonna fit a 15.4″ laptop, which is gonna take care of 90% of the business users out there. That’s the most you guys out there carry, 17 it too heavy, 14.1 is too small, you guys mostly carry 15.4s and this is definitely gonna work, and it really, really gonna protect you laptop very very well, from all the abuse that it’s gonna get at the airport. Being put down, being picked up, getting thrown in the over head when you are not using it. It’s gonna help you out with all that, it’s padded all the way around, except for the top, which is the one place you know, you shouldn’t be flipping it over. So it’s an excellent bag. It’s really great if you are a constant traveler, you want to get passed security easily, if you are travelling internationally, security is even that more stringent on those types of lights, so great little bag from Targus, and you know, I don’t know, this is the ever famous TSA bag. I don’t know the legitimacy of whether it’s been TSA approved or not, but I definitely know that the people in security will help you go through with this bag quicker if you tell them that this is the bag. They king of figure it out. If you can open it, put it on the conveyor belt, they’ll let you go through. If you want to know more about the rules behind the TSA you know, the way there governing body controls all the rules, go to TSA.Gov, and before I leave, I’m gonna give you a couple hints on how to get through security quickly. Just three of four actually. First one: Don’t stack your electronics. So again, the whole purpose of this bag, splitting everything, just because you have the laptop separate, don’t stack the other side either. You don’t wanna have your power supply with your mouse on top. You want to have them separate and next to each other, so they don’t get confused, the people behind the x-ray, don’t get confused. They can see exactly what it is. Also check your extra battery. Don’t put that in the bag with here. In the bag with this laptop. You just want it to be in your luggage, on board, stowed away, if they find the extra battery, it’s gonna make you go back through security again, they are gonna search everything, the old fashion way, which is pulling everything out. You don’t want them to do that. Remember, if they take your laptop, they can take it and keep it for ever. Literally, and I’m not kidding. They will take your laptop and you never get it back. And you know what that equals? That equals a really upset boss. Ok? He is gonna be really mad. Another thing is: One laptop per bag. Sorry… One laptop per bag, is the maximum. Don’t put two in here because then that kills everything. And finally the last thing is keep your gab uncluttered. If you keep everything in here organized and simple, you don’t put a lot of stuff lying around, when the guy goes to search you bag he can get through it very quickly, very efficiently. And in case you wanna know, this thing does come with a very very not easy to find strap. Hang on… I want to show them the strap, because it’s very very comfortable. A 15.4 shouldn’t be that heavy, but in case you load it up with a bunch of stuff… Zoom in on here. It’s hard to get the texture and the quality of this thing, but this is a fantastic pad, it’s rubberized, and it’s very thick and padded. So very very nice, looks very very durable. So great stuff. Heavy duty. Awesome stuff. Great bag from Targus, if you are a frequent flyer it’s for you. I’m Albert. That’s it. Safe flying. The Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler 15.4″ laptop case, is available from the vendors listed here. Or for more information you can type in T22-0215 into any major search engine. For ComputerTV I’m Albert. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Captions by www.SubPLY.com

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  1. To all the people saying "We want logan back!"

    Remember, these guys don't do these reviews to please YOU. They do them so people who visit their website can have a better idea of what they're buying. If Logan was still with them he would be reviewing this too, because on their site there's no review for it and customers don't know what they're getting into. Stop whining "We want logan" because it's not going to happen.

  2. If that was true they wouldn't post videos on youtube, give prizes away and stuff like that. This is for entertainment and Logan was great. I guess these guys are pretty good as well…

  3. too bad. i liked him more than the rest of these guys but i can understand him leaving. because i have had experience with TigerDirect and if they CAN screw you over, they WILL.

  4. working on a new website? i dont think he's actually earning money from that page, he doenst know how to get money know, he plans to sell t-shirts…pathetic…

  5. I'm a lucky owner of an Asus 1215N netbook and i was looking for a netbook bag for it. I searched for a netbook bag that would fit exacly so i came accros the Targus CN312 and its definitely a good product very sturdy and a good build quality. Also its very stylish. I LOVE MY TARGUS NETBOOK BAG!!!

  6. my problem is that i think i bought the wrong laptop bag for me. i have a 10.1 inch laptop and i bought a bag for a 16.1 inch, do u think that might affect me?? and plus it didn't come with what u showed.

  7. So much talking for nothing. Security will ask you to remove the laptop anyway. And by the way what time it would save? Seriously…

  8. They still want you to take out laptop from a bag, no matter how practical it is. They have to see the laptop first.

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