Target Sprint Shooting Festival – Day Two: ISSF World Tour British Open

It’s day 2 at the Target Sprint GB Festival. Today, we have the Target Sprint International, so the ISSF World Tour British Open. There are number of countries all competing and we’re here
to support on home soil Great Britain. It’s wonderful to have Air Arms sponsoring the whole event and there are lots of athletes, junior women junior men, senior women and senior men. So this morning are all individual events and this afternoon are teams and mixed teams as well. As you can see it’s raining today,
but the rain won’t dampen our spirits. The final lap of each race is the most demanding. Good time, bit slow on the shoot, could have been better. Morten took me on the last leg as he does. The junior male was definitely the highlight of my day, winning the gold. Definitely pushed myself on that race
and then maybe slightly regret a bit when I was feeling a bit achey and I
had two more races to go, but overall’s amazing. It’s kind of something I’ve been working
toward for the whole season. My runnings okay, but then I just can’t
shoot and it’s like I’ve known if I can improve my shooting then I could get
there and it’s nice that it finally happened, I guess. I’m really happy it was
probably the best race I’ve ever done. The seniors then didn’t really go as I want it to, but during the times between the two races I spent time just going over what I need to be when I went in. I amended my
position of my feet and where the rifle was aiming at the target and I finished the seniors race in second. I’m happy about that. During the weekend we’ve had individual competitions, which is an individual athlete runs 400 meters,
knocks five targets down, runs 400 meters, knocks five targets down then races
last 400 meters to the line and also through those teams of three which are
same sex teams of three athletes. The first athlete goes through exactly the
same as the individual, so it’s run three times, shoot twice then they tag run
three times, shoot twice and tag and then run three times, shoot twice and get to
the finish line. It’s quite a good, exciting race, especially if there’s five
or six teams on the line because you’re not quite sure who’s actually in the
lead at whichever point and then also we have the mixed pairs, which is where the
lady runs 400 meters, knocks five targets down and tags the man who runs 400
meters, knocks five targets down, the ladies run 400 meters, knocks five
targets day, then the man comes in after 400 meter run knocks five targets down
and then has to run another 400 meters. Exceedingly fast an exciting race
because it’s swapping change all the time. People run really fast they miss
one shot you go from first to fifth, it is what I consider in the most exciting
race of the competitions we do. The mixed race was eventful, my first
shoot didn’t go so well and then my second shoot I came in maybe fourth and
the other shooting came out second right in front of the German and just kept my
place, it was amazing. I’d say the biggest challenge is having three that big of the big finals all cramped into one day. Having to push yourself and do the best
you can in three events, it’s quite challenging on the body, can’t ask for
more really. So, I love it. It’s the end of day two of the Target Sprint GB Festival. It’s been a fantastic event, this morning we had the individual competitions followed by presentation and also some British records were
handed out their achievements in 2018. Followed after lunch with the team
events and then the climax the really exciting event of the mixed pairs competition was a fantastic event. Some brilliant performances from all the
countries, all the teams and all the athletes. Tomorrow which is the last day
of the GB Festival, athletes have all qualified for through out regional competitions to qualify for tomorrow’s national final, which bodes to be a really exciting day,
packed full of athletes and lots of enthusiasm, support and energy.

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  1. The only hope the shooting sports have is to involve as many young people as possible so good on AA for promoting such events.

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