Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2237 – 3rd July, 2017

‘Sonu!’ ‘Sonu, come fast!’ ‘What’s the matter..’ ‘Your dad has agreed
for the Goa trip.’ ‘Thank you, Dad!’ ‘Easy..
– Thank you..’ ‘Saw that, Goli?
My idea never fails!’ ‘Yes, it’s true.’ ‘And guess what!
Both my parents’ ‘are going to accompany us
to Goa.’ ‘Wow!
It’s great news!’ ‘I will permit you
to go on the Goa trip.’ ‘Tour around nicely,
eat well’ ‘enjoy the cool breeze
and have loads of fun.’ ‘Yes. – Thank you, Dad!
Thank you so much!’ ‘That will do.’ ‘Gogi, you won’t get
any permission from me.’ ‘My decision
is absolutely final.’ ‘Let him go, dear.’ ‘The poor guy’s
heart will break.’ ‘Yes, Dad.’ ‘I had thought
that you’ll readily agree.’ ‘But I’m readily
refusing now.’ ‘You won’t go to Goa
alone. End of discussion!’ ‘But how did
Mr. Sodhi refuse?’ ‘He’s a very cool guy.
– Exactly!’ ‘Why just cool?
He is a cool buddy.’ ‘Right.
– Right. I never imagined’ ‘that Mr. Sodhi
can refuse!’ ‘Until you return from Goa,
forget that you had a friend’ ‘named Gurucharan Singh Sodhi.’ ‘Come on.’ ‘Come on, pal.
– Gogi! ‘Gogi.. – Don’t..
– Don’t say such things..’ ‘We’ll go to Goa.
– Yes. – Yes, pal..’ ‘We’ll all go.’ ‘Gogi, you are delivering
silly movie dialogues!’ ‘Don’t be
such a cry-baby, pal.’ We’ll think
of convincing Mr. Sodhi. Right. Hurray.. Mr. Sodhi and Ms. Roshan,
you guys are here.. Yes. Why is Mr. Sodhi
playing the drums? Earlier,
he spoilt Gogi’s mood. Now,
he’s playing the drums. This is not done, Dad! You are forbidding me
from going on the Goa trip which I am sad about,
and you are busy playing drums! Exactly..
– Exactly.. I’ll tell you..
I’ll tell you, dear. I’ll tell you right away. Let me reveal
the whole secret. Gogi,
concentrate and recall. What did I tell you? That you can’t go
on the Goa trip, alone. But, Gogi,
you can accompany us, right? What say, Roshan?
– Yes, Roshan. What do you mean? It means, we are
accompanying you to Goa! Hurray.. Dad, I love you.. An absolutely cool bubby. But, Mr. Sodhi, how did
you agree suddenly? – Right.. Roshan had agreed
earlier itself. He was just pretending. When I approached him
and asked him to let Gogi go,
he refused. He said that Gogi
won’t go alone because even
we’ll accompany him. He was joking. Well, Gogi,
how did you like it? It was too good, Dad!
You are great! If you, too, accompany us
on the Goa trip we’ll have great fun. Hurray..
Play the drums. Play the drums.
– Play the drums. Sodhi..
Come on! Pal..
I’ll end up having a fall, pal.. Let..
Let me go. Are you sure?
– Yes, sure. I’m glad
that you let go of me. Had something happened
to me, my Goa trip would have got cancelled. Trip..
Bhide, are you also coming to Goa? – Not just me,
Madhavi is also accompanying me. Wow!
It’s great news. Ms. Madhavi and I
will enjoy thoroughly, right? We will have fun.
This is wonderful news, Bhide! Wow..
– I would like to say that.. Come on.. Sodhi..
I’ll end up having a fall. If something happens,
how will we go on the Goa trip? Bhide!
I will carry you to Goa. I’ll also
take you sightseeing. And then, I will
bring you back safely. Fine. – Then,
the Goa trip won’t be cancelled. Play the drums. Let go of me now. I’ve to say
something important. Fine.
Nobody will carry Bhide now. Including me. Gosh, Sodhi! It felt as if
I had mounted a horse. If I tell Ms. Madhavi,
she’ll take you to task. Stop joking, Bhide.. Tell us
what you were saying. – Right. I was saying
that just by rejoicing like this we won’t reach Goa. Tapu Gang, you’ve
got holidays of only four days. And they are going
to begin two days later. That means, effectively,
we are left with just two days to make
preparations and planning. Come on, we have
so many preparations to make! We need to pull out
the suitcase and clean it. We need to pack
the clothes. We need to check the clothes
that are to be carried to Goa. Then we need
to pack snacks. The jewels..
– Yes, darling. Yes, Bhide.
Go ahead. Yes.. Two minutes, Ms. Roshan.
Just two minutes, please. I was saying..
So, I Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the one and only secretary
of the Gokuldham Society would like to tell you
that all the members coming to Goa, visit
my place with their families because there’s a
meeting at my place this evening regarding the same. Yes, that’s perfect! – I request
everyone to be on time. Tapu, especially your dad..
Ask him to be on time! Yes.. I’ll inform him.
– So, it is decided that we are meeting in the
evening to prepare for Goa! Mr. Bhide, dance!
– Dance.. Please listen! – Begin the
meeting for the trip. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
Gokuldham Society’s one and only secretary,
welcome you all to this meeting where we
discuss our trip to Goa. As we are all aware
that the ones going to Goa are Tapu Gang, Bhide
and Madhavi, Mr. and Mrs. Sodhi and Mr. Champak.
– Mr. Jetha and Ms. Daya also Ms. Komal and Mr. Hathi why don’t you
come with us to Goa! – Yes.. My friend, I really want to come
but I cannot leave my shop. One of my
patients’ health is critical so I need to stay here. Ms. Komal and Ms. Daya.. At least both of you
can come! Ms. Roshan,
even I want to come.. However, there’s a function
of one of my relatives and I have to attend that.
– Well, Ms. Roshan my aunt’s daughter
has come down from abroad for her delivery.
So, I’ll have to stay with her. Yes, and I’ve also
asked Mr. Mehta and Popatlaal. They said
they can’t make it either. By the way, Ms. Babita agreed.
– Wow! – What! Is Ms. Babita
joining you all? – Yes.. What about Mr. Aiyar?
– No.. Mr. Aiyar isn’t going. Oh.. – Madhavi,
Ms. Babita has also cancelled. Why? – Mr. Aiyar
said that since he wasn’t going Ms. Babita refused. ‘Ms. Babita is always
worried about Mr. Aiyar.’ It would be nice
if everyone would come along. That’s true.
– All right. So, in total, 10 of us are going
to Goa! – Yes, correct. So,
let’s begin the meeting. There are three main
points in this trip to Goa. Travelling,
accommodation and sightseeing. The first one is travelling.
– Mr. Bhide, don’t you worry. This is Tapu Group’s trip. Leave the sightseeing
and accommodation to us! We’ve sorted it out!
– Yes.. Wow! – It’s nice
that you have thought about it. Tell me your plan.
– That’s a surprise! – Yes.. Wow! – What
could be surprising in this? You’ll have to tell us.
So, tell us.. Mr. Bhide,
it’s a surprise for you. Mr. Bhide, if we tell you
about the surprise how would we retain
the sense of it? – Exactly! Excuse me.
To plan a trip, you need to know the price not a surprise!
Tell me your plan.. Mr. Bhide, don’t question your
fortune, just enjoy it! – Yes. Goli, I pre-plan
and execute my plans and also maintain
its record. There you go.
– Tell me the plan now. Mr. Bhide, I mean that you just
have to enjoy yourself there! Don’t worry about the plan.
We will handle that. – Wow! How can that be accepted?
You’ll have to tell me. You’ll have to inform
your elders. What if something
goes wrong? No, Mr. Bhide, there
will be no mistake. – Yes.. What if it still happens?
– If it happens let it happen.. Things go wrong
when you make plans too. When was I wrong
with my plans? When you ask.. Whenever we have
travelled abroad by your plans mishaps have occurred. Really?
Give me an instance. Let it be, friend.
I could go on till dawn. No.. Not all.
Just give me one instance. Let it go.. It’s past.
So, you should forget it. It is past, Jethalaal.
But I want to know what my mistake was. And let it be dawn. I’ll
spread sheets for everyone here to sleep. But I want
to know when I erred. Speak..
– Should I tell you? – Tell me. Look, pal.
I wouldn’t choose to put you down
in front of everyone. Yes, okay! I don’t mind
you putting me down. I want to know
what I have done wrong. You should try and recollect!
Don’t you remember? No, I don’t! You remember, right? I
want to hear it from you! Speak. He only remembers
his maintenance cheque. He doesn’t
remember his faults. Jethalaal,
I have a strong memory. But how would anyone remember
something that didn’t happen? Didn’t it happen?
– No.. If it has happened,
why don’t you tell us? State an evidence. Why are you
making false accusations? Look at him, Sodhi. ‘False
accusations..’ Is this a court? That’s right, Bhide..
Is this a courtroom where you need
to produce evidences? Just chill and be cool.
Calm down. How can I be cool?
How can I chill, Sodhi? He’s making
false accusations on me and you expect me
to keep quiet! Aatmaram, why are you
dragging the matter? Madhavi,
I’m only speaking the truth. My plans are always perfect
and they can never go wrong. Jetha, just forget it. Daya,
I’ve already forgotten it. I was telling him the same.
Just forget whatever
happened in the past but he’s
just not ready to forget. Jethalaal,
either tell me what wrong I did what I’ve messed up or accept that nothing
can go wrong with my planning. Look, Bhide.
There’s no person in this world who never
made any mistakes. – Hey, but.. Just stop it, you two!
Stop it! Enough now! S-Sir.. – Dad..
– Both of you, just keep quiet! Sir, easy..
– I don’t want to go to Goa. Hey..
Dad, what are you doing? – Sir.. Sir..
– Sir.. Come on.
This is just not done. Grandpa,
please don’t do this. – Yes.. We have gathered
here to discuss our Goa trip and these two
are arguing unnecessarily. Not me, Dad.
It was Bhide.. Don’t you dare
start blaming each other again! Just discuss
the topic, all right? – Okay.. We will.. Please sit down.
– Yes, please sit down. We will only
discuss the topic. – Fine.. Sit down, sir.
– I will. All of you, sit. Sir, please sit down.
We’ll surely go to Goa. Calm down..
– Sure, I will sit calmly. What are you doing?
– That’s how the chair is. The fact is, Mr. Bhide
just doesn’t trust our planning. Yes, buddy.
– No, that’s not true, Tapu. I do trust but we, elders
should be having an idea about the plan,
right? Mr. Bhide, trust them blindly.
Everything will be fine. Tapu and his friends
are very smart. No matter what they do,
they’ll do the best. Mark my words.
– Yes.. Aatmaram, let
the children do the planning. Anyway, they are the
ones who do all the planning for all the
celebrations in the society. Yes.. – Exactly..
– Yes.. That’s true..
– The children.. – Okay. He’ll never..
– No, I accept, Jethalaal. Good.
– Fine, Tapu and friends. You may do the planning.
– Yes! Yes..
– Hurray.. – All the best. Yes, but.. Nothing
should go wrong, all right? Sure, Mr. Bhide..
– Nothing will go wrong. It’s okay if some
things go wrong. He’s just.. Mr. Bhide,
don’t you worry. In your entire trip, you’ll
complain about just one thing. What?
– That we just didn’t give you any chance to complain.
– Wow.. – Yes, correct. Wow, Goli.. Wow! Wonderful, Goli!
– Very good. So, it’s decided that all
the arrangements to Goa trip will be done by us.
– Yes.. It’ll be a perfect planning.
– Hold on.. The first point is travelling. Children,
how are we going to Goa? Oh,
my beauty with brains that’s a wonderful
question. I’ve decided
that we’ll book a mini bus and all of us will go together.
Bombay to Goa.. Bombay to Goa.. Bombay to Goa.. Mr. Sodhi..
– I love Goa! Sodhi, that’s a great idea.
Let’s go by bus. There are buses
from Mumbai to Goa. I know someone
who works there, Mr. Shakeel. He usually goes to Goa by bus.
So, I’ll talk to him and book the tickets.
– Sure, get it done.. No, Mr. Bhide. It will be
a long journey if we go by road. It takes
at least 12 to 14 hours. Out of four days, we’ll
waste two days for travelling. Fine then. Let’s go by train.
– That’s great. Buddy, during this season,
it’s not just difficult but impossible
to get ten confirmed tickets. Let’s book
Tatkal tickets. No.. You can’t get ten confirmed
tickets in Tatkal either. – Yes. My point is,
be it train or bus it takes the same amount
of time. So, what’s the point? Yes. Ms. Madhavi
is very sensible. – Yes. You don’t have
to think too much. – Yes. We’ve planned everything. We’ll go by plane.
– Yes.. Yes. What? Yes.
That is great. By a plane?
– Yes, Mr. Bhide. The flight
takes just an hour. We’ll board the flight here
and in an hour, we’ll be in Goa. What about the tickets? We will get
the tickets easily. There are many flights
from here. Really?
– Just a minute. Tapu, I know, there are
many flights from Mumbai to Goa but every trip
has a budget. Do you know how much
the tickets will cost for all? Do not worry about that,
Mr. Bhide. We will choose
the best deal. Just relax.
– Yes. My baby. The ticket to Goa
is actually cheap. Really?
– Yes. Then you may
take me there later. This is the best thing! Three cheers for Tapu
and his friends! Hip hip..
– Hurray! Hip hip..
– Hurray! Hip hip..
– Hurray! Be seated.. Bhide. Travelling is arranged.
Now, mark it as done. Roshan,
he has already checked that. No, Mrs. Sodhi. That is a bird
that I have drawn. What? What kind of a bird
is that? – That’s Bhide style. So now,
our Goa trip is confirmed. Sir, you are coming
to Goa, right? What do you mean?
He just said it. Don’t you want him
to go? No, that’s what
he said a while ago and now, I am simply
getting a confirmation. It was because of you.
You were arguing with me.. Silence! Stop it now.
You started again! It was not me but him.. Ms. Madhavi, we will go
for shopping for Goa. Yes,
I was thinking the same. Bhide, please go
for some shopping. People do not wear
clothes like you do in Goa. Yes. Sodhi.
– I am just joking. Come now, Tapu Group,
we do not have much time. Start at once.
Begin the plan. Yes!
– Let us begin. So, friends,
let us go to the clubhouse and plan our trip to Goa. Yes.
– Yes. May God make this trip
of yours a nice one. May you all enjoy a lot and come back safe
and sound. Enjoy! Thank you, Jetha! Hail Lord Ganpati!
– Hail! Hail the Goddess!
– Hail! Blessed be those..
– Who follow thy name! Friends, the mission
of Tapu and friends is complete. They have
got the permission. They are all ready
to go. But there is
a small twist in the story. Whenever the folk
of Gokuldham go for a trip Bhide is the one responsible
for all arrangements. But this time, Tapu and friends
will be making the arrangements. They will
be managing this trip and they are not
revealing what their plan is. Bhide feels the same as a mother-in-law
who has to hand over the keys to the daughter-in-law,
unwillingly. Bhide feels just the same. Bhide will certainly
try to know their plan since he is worried that the kids might end up
spending more than the budget. So, what happens next?
Will Bhide learn of their plan? Will the kids
let Bhide know their plan? Will we know what
their plan is for the Goa trip? You will get the answers
along with laughter. So, keep watching ‘Taarak
Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching.
Keep laughing.

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