Sustainability: Doing business even better! (2)

Sustainability is about the whole heart of the hotel and all of its team and the guests and it’s about every little detail it’s
about every single thing that we do or buy or say to our guests and the impact that that has on the
environment on our local community and what we can do to make a difference
in all those tiny little activities the millions that go on every day and it’s about caring for the
environment caring for the people that work and live here promoting your business which is gonna help itself keep itself going sustain itself for now and the future the the two key
reasons I guess there are three key reasons why we started the journey of sustainability were to differentiate ourselves from the
competition and no other hotels were embracing sustainability but also
from a cost perspective we realize that we could make some cost savings but also
we felt that sustainability was the right thing for our brand and the way that the world was going as
well and it seemed freeing up and empowering our staff to
make those decisions themselves whether that’s using local suppliers of working with local suppliers to
improve their reducing their packaging to you thinking
about how we can use seasonal local produce
and promote the county as well as ourselves it’s about empowering our team cause they’re our inspiration there is no such thing as it’s not my
job we’re all in it together and we believe that making
sustainability part of that culture and part of those values means that you can achieve your
objectives in terms of sustainability so we have created a new value a fifth value which
says we care about our environment and our community and we have found huge success from that
we have a lot of interpretation around the site at Harlow Carr which talks to
people about how they can be more environmentally aware and help the environment and we encourage people who have got a bird hide or encourage people to go in and have a look at birds and teach them
a bit about wildlife and how they can attract wildlife to their own gardens and we also encourage people to
take their litter home with them and to recycle it when their on site so we do do what
we can to try and make people engage with the environment and take home some important messages as well
my biggest piece of advice for other businesses is firstly to accept that sustainability is something that is the future is something that needs to happen and
you either embrace it now and be market leaders or in 10 years or 5 years you may be
forced to do so if we can make the tourism industry a little less wasteful if they can ditch some of the things that are industry norms like silly bottles of shampoo that just gets wasted and too much heating and too much food wastage and not enough
local produce used if we can actually show businesses that
we can operate a business model that is profitable that’s effective and it is actually
really good for our local environment and the UK because it’s not importing lots of products then that’s fantastic and it’s fantastic
for tourism worldwide which is a hugely wasteful industry there’s some very archaic practices

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