Suspended Grammy CEO Says The Awards Ceremony Is ‘Rigged’ | NBC Nightly News

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  2. With all the technology at our fingertips and this woman didn't get one indiscretion or conversations on tape is such BS! There's just no excuse not to have not provided proof to her claims, whether or not her claims are true.

  3. This has been the case for decades.
    When you allow the left to give out awards they will always conform to their agenda.
    Today they are all about "diversity" which is left speak for affirmative action race discrimination


  5. LOL! ——-Fair………
    This is Billie,Lizzo and whatever them corporate old dudes want the general pop to conform too's Year~
    No real artist ever get a chance and then "Lets move on" or Next Talent please.
    Oh' and Whitney Houston is not Rock
    Led Zepplin Is not Hip-Hop
    Etc e t c
    #RiggedAwardsShows #HallofCrap

  6. Tyler swift winning should have told u that this bs was rigged ..ask Kanye ..he tried to tell u but y’all wasn’t listening

  7. Even the Latin Grammys are a joke. I used to watch it however it has gone down hill with the winners they have chosen. It’s not so prestigious as they make it seem.

  8. GRAMMYS ARE TRASH! Mariah carey was Robbed several times in the past. Back in 1996 6 nominations and 0 grammys…. with her album daydream wich sold more than 25 Million copies worldwide and with her iconic songs always be my baby, Fantasy and one sweet day the song that spent 16 weeks at #1 on billboard she also performed that night…….. Grammys Are simply a Big Joke!

  9. Of course it’s rigged. Artists like Ariana, Beyoncé, BTS etc deserve to be there. But other artists who should be there are never represented there and it’s annoying.

  10. You gotta think with social media and easy access to it there are going to be people who care about the truth like the comments section their begging for truth I'm not lying when I say I've completed my life's work I made facebook and over 30,000 songs for everyone

  11. Imagine if the music industry was the NFL and only those in the NFC could vote for those in the NFL hall of fame. That's the way the Grammy Awards work. Sure there are 12,000 voters, but they work for the largest music labels in the world and they usually vote for their home teams. Billie Eilish is on Interscope Records which is owned by Universal Music Group which is the owner of the label Lorde is on. In 2000, UMG lost a case on CD price fixing. In 2006 it lost a case on radio station payola.

  12. In my opinion, It is rigged. Most of the nominated songs at from popularity(I mean Lizzo, really?). Also, it really replaces talent and passion for anything about racism and feminism, which can sometimes come off as ghetto.

    However, we don't know the full story about this dismissal. I have a theory the allegations she made could have been false or exaggerated and they kicked her off for lying. It seems more likely then being "denied equal rights and opportunities". I mean she acts like it's the 1920s and it's run by a dictatorship.

  13. Believe each and every word she says! I was an Academy Member for 20 years! Neil Portnow was a man I LOATHED. I worked my way towards a membership in NARAS. Portnow would sell tickets to corporations! This is supposed to be a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION, yet he paid himself multi millions per year – then raised his salary! Some of the genre integrated performances were so forced and unfair to the artists. He was the antithesis of fair business practices, and not that different from Weinstein. He made sure that the new president would have problems. Just being a member and obtaining tickets to the Grammys was an arduous process that was made more difficult each year. And, the idea of women needing to , “Step Up?” I’d like to step on his balls.

  14. Guys humans will always segregate themselves and look out for the interests of themselves and those closest to them. It's sadly programmed into our still developing brains

  15. New music is a pile of steaming feces anyway. It's soulless noise. I don't spend a penny on new music. It has no talent, songs are void of any emotion or depth. New music is superficial and shallow and the industry and all the worst of humanity that is in it can all go f*** their hollow, talentless selves!

  16. What happened to neutral journalism?

    I don't blame all the comments out here, but all we have is the word of Dugan. At least in the video she came of as rushed and thinking on the spot.
    I don't doubt for a fact that these awards could be rigged, just that the evidence showed in the clip was not substantial enough to make a reasonable verdict.

    This video really focuses only on the side of Dugan, while ending on a 10 second clip just pointing out that "grammy organizers blame her for stealing musics big night".

  17. LoL, as if it the media being fake isn't already on blast since 2016 with their rigged political bias being undeniably exposed. It's all corrupt. All of it.
    It's all just pomp and circumstance. They have created a FAKE world in which they are kings and queens giving themselves awards, fame, and gobs of wealth.
    It's all coming crashing down.

  18. Well duh. Hey guys the DNC primaries are also rigged. Most high level things that are voted or awared is rigged. Nothing in life is fair.

  19. Grammys Exectutive Committee: "I have instigated these claims of myself and have found myself not guilty and completely exonerated"

  20. The most indy of all indy artists wins 4 awards – one that I'm not a fan of by the way – and someone accuses the Grammy's of playing favorites?
    It couldn't be more obvious what happened here.
    Power is being drained away from the recording industry, and of course, Dugan figured this would be a good time to complain that she wasn't being listened to.

  21. Stopped listening at the anti-white and anti-male agenda. Also, don't care at all if a music company is rigged because all music sucks anyway. No one cares.

  22. So in other words Payola and racism still exist in the music industry, who's surprised? By the way, the Caucasians in charge of the grammys might call themselves liberals.

  23. How in the name of God could there be a single person who doesn’t know this already?

    Does anybody watch this claptrap anyway?

  24. I used to watch the Grammys when I was a kid then as I got older realized how rigged it was. It was confirmed when Cardi won a Grammy for just being Cardi 😂😂😂😂

  25. This came out about the oscars years ago. What you morons think that musicians are somehow more scrupulous than the rest of the entertainment industry? Do you all have media degrees?

  26. So I'm not sure what the issue being discussed here is… is it because they are corrupt, or because they are white males? Does white male = corrupt? Diversity is nice but the main issue is corruption. To throw in the fact that they're all white male, (right before claiming they bumped Ed Sheeran?) is useless pandering.

  27. Everything isn't about MONEY!! Why would they try to silence her by offering her millions if it wasn't true? Why would she go this far just to lie? I'm glad she's speaking out!! That takes alot of courage and caring about the people who vote for certain artists that never get awards they deserve to simply give them to those that don't deserve it. And she clearly said "those that represent these artists will get financial gain" meaning Clive Davis and Diddy is banking off their artists who win grammys when their not even in the nominations. Adele deserved that award fair and square and shouldn't had to do a speech to make beyonce feel good. Beyonce been winning for decades and now its time to let other artists shine. That's why diddy did that whole speech at Clive davis party! He mentioned he was the music leader now meaning he calls all shots in the music industry by way of Clive davis these are the people that she's talking about that's rigging the GRAMMYS in their favor taking away from those that truly deserve it. I'm glad she speaking up. Although theyre using her previous incident in her position as CEO against her and basically trying to brush off her allegations instead of investigating. She's been saying the GRAMMYS we're rigged and its crazy how the media is treating like her as if she's wrong for coming out cause they're being paid to go along with the narrative but she's fighting for what's right and I'm proud of her. She seems as though she needs to keep explaining herself for her actions and that's not right either. Its alot going on in the industry. Illuminati has taken over the industry and they'll stand firm by no cause. I pray this brave woman makes a difference!

  28. Don't be surprised if later on these soul assassins come knocking on her door. Now it is official, that's why the illuminati stars always win.

  29. Same goes for every awards, movies, and TV shows liberals and progressive do this as well. That's why I stopped watching awards shows after the early 2000s politically driven agenda.

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