Surviving Long Road Trips & How To Entertain A Toddler

*Toddler: Hi everybody* Hi everybody its Kida here and welcome
back to our Channel so we’re on a road trip today
and I thought we’re going to do a video on how to keep your toddler entertained
during a long road trip *toddler: me me* There are lots of websites out there
that actually suggest you turn the backseat into a movie theatre and get
them to watch some movies or go on apps however we try to keep our toddler off of
phones so I’m going to show you a list of activities that you can do that
does not involve technology. Again, if you have trouble understanding my accent you
can turn on captions or if you want a blog post to refer to you can find the
related blog post in the link below on One of the most
common ways to keep them happy is to bring lots of snacks different varieties
of fruit (is that right?) yeah what’s your favorite snack?
(um.. both) Both! You want apple and orange I also brought her favorite toys her
baby and her Peppa Pig to keep her company
and I got a set of change of clothes for her baby which will kill some time
Apart from bringing their favorite toys the number one recommendation I can give
is to schedule your road trip around their nap time that way you’re gonna
kill about an hour and a half sometimes even two to three hours on the road if
you’re traveling with two adults then one of them can sit at the back and
interact with the toddler. So I brought a book for her and her favorite
drawing book that’ll keep her busy for a while, got her some pens as well
and these tiny little library
books which is her favorite at the moment. a little book, are these your
favorite, Peppa Pig too. Because they’re so compact and light they make
the perfect travel books. Last but not least we have this boogie board I don’t
know if you’ve heard of it yet but it’s it’s fairly new in New Zealand
basically it’s a board that you can draw on and just a with a press of a button
here, everything will be erased and you can draw on it again this is one
of our favorite thing to bring with us as you may have heard we’ve got a track
just playing in the background this is the CD we put together at home basically
it’s a compilation of her favorite Nursery Rhymes. I’m going to share our
playlist on our website so if you want some ideas or suggestions on nursery
rhymes, go to or you can find the link down in the
description box so this road trip we’ve got two adults
traveling so one’s driving and I’m lucky enough to be able to sit at the back and
keep her entertained. But all of the activities that we mentioned in the
video today your toddler should happily entertain themselves as well (is that
right? hehe) another really good idea is to do some DIY before you come out you can
draw some vehicles like a red car or a truck or an ute, digger or a truck with a
trailer or something creative that your kids can find on the road. I didn’t
prepare all of that today so I’m just gonna do it on the spot I’ve got a
drawing book here I’ve got some pens so I’m gonna draw some vehicles for Kyra to
find. okay I just saw a little red car with a trailer I’m terrible at drawing
so I’m just gonna draw a little pink car haha, with a little trailer that’s terrible well you got the idea
I’m sure you can do a better job haha there you go and if you bring a scissors you can
cut it out and give it to your toddler for her to find, just looking out the window
now I’m seeing a few other types of cars like that’s an ute there, so we’re just
gonna draw an ute, Oh whoopsie haha this one’s an ute darling there you go, does that look like an ute?
that’s terrible ha ha you got the idea. We just saw a tiny little mini car
I’m just gonna draw a mini car yeah did you see a mini car just now like
that hehe draw another mini car which color blue? you like blue ones? okay we just
saw a camper van so we’re just gonna draw a camper van, it’s so much better if you can do
this at home, do it properly oh gosh that looks more like a rocket, haha oh
I’m terrible at this I think we can all conclude that I can’t
really draw, but hey if you’re at home and you google it there’s a lot of
templates that you can trace and you can actually do it properly cut them out and
put it in a shoe box or ziploc bag that you can give it to your toddler and get
them to find these vehicles on the road oh and always remember to wear your seat
belt we just stopped over at a petrol station
for a little break but yeah usually if you’re driving always wear your seat
belt and keep them safe We’re just stopping by Matakana market,
there’s a little cute little parrot that says hello, did you hear that? He said hello! look gold fish!
Did you see? wow so many hello birdy this is a white bait fritter and we’re
just gonna go get a mussel fritter as well this is our favorite we always come
here and have this. Mmmm yummy? If your trip is over an hour it’s always a good idea to break
it up and just enjoy the scenery and attractions along the way. (toddler: raining) Raining! Thank you guys so much for watching if you have any other great ideas make sure you
let us know in the comments box below and hopefully you get something out of
this video don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you next week bye! Let’s say bye, bye bye everybody, bye? (toddler: hehe) Bye Kyra (toddler giggles) Bye (toddler: No) No? We’ll see the next time bye! (toddler: NAW) haha Goodbye. Goodbye

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