Supporting Ecotourism Development in Virunga National Park

We the U.S. Forest Service International Programs are here in Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo working on supporting ecotourism, diversifying and improving ecotourism infrastructure focusing on the Nyiragongo Volcano. This project is supported and implemented under the USAID Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment, CARPE. So I first came to Virunga to look at the volcano trail to Mount Nyiragongo and scoped what needs could possibly be met to improve the conditions of that trail for the public and tourism sector and saw definite improvements that could be made and implemented a plan to come back and to work with the local community to improve the condition of that trail. Since then we have started a process to build a new trail to the summit of the volcano and that’s for the purpose of enabling more people to actually hike to the summit and particularly the local people, maybe schoolchildren, that the other trailwas too rigorous for and required an overnight stay. So my intent was to design a new route so it will be possible to go to the summit and return in one day. The beginning of the trail starts there, and the to the highest trees over there, and then it just goes straight.

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