Super Mario Odyssey Bonus Traveler’s Guide Bundle (Switch) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, today we are going to be unboxing Super Mario Odyssey
this time the bonus travelers guide edition and we see this goes in line
with Nintendo releasing editions like this for other famous games such as
breath of the wild and splatoon 2, you see both of them have this same bonus
symbol including like an extra booklet of some sort and this is of course for
the switch. there’s the title just a larger version of the normal title that we see
with Mario and Cappy and you see that this is rated E 10 and up and there’s
the picture of the travelers guide. okay here’s the left side showing some of the
scenes and the title the right side the top and the bottom and on the back Mario
is on a globe-trotting adventure there’s some shots of gameplay control enemies
with the toss of your hat assist mode with guiding arrows and other aids
anyone can play 2p mode, share joy con to help Mario out, get boosts from special
amiibo and to the play modes it’s one to two players in docked and tabletop mode
and single player in handheld mode and the game is pro controller compatible
and amiibo compatible and also has French and Spanish translations. It’s
rated e 10 and up due to cartoon violence and comic mischief. alrighty then, opens from the
top. right and we’re gonna pull out the contents. okay so here’s what you get, you
get the travelers guide as well as the game box so let’s take a look at the
travelers guide here, we’re gonna go through every page so you can feel free
to pause if you want to look at any in detail there’s the front there’s the
spine okay this appears to just be a
translation so we’re not going to go through the entirety of it again
I believe that’s everything that we have to see and here’s the end. on the back
alright and now onto the game itself front cover same as the outer box, spine
you can see that this one is y-fold wrapped and there’s the back, different
from the back of the original game as this special picture here which i think
is what we saw here yeah pretty much right and let’s go ahead and open it up okay there’s the game card and just like
the original we have Pauline and the jump up
superstar lyrics in the insert so right there we have everything
together and that will do it for this unboxing of Super Mario Odyssey bonus
travelers guide edition, as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames
for these unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking
commenting and subscribing thanks for watching bye bye

22 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Bonus Traveler’s Guide Bundle (Switch) Unboxing!!

  1. Si this travel guide name is the new fancy name for a NORMAL AND PROPER MANUAL LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS BACK IN THE 90s

  2. Infuriating that such a mandatory staple of old video games and Mario games, the colorful, well made instruction manual, is now a bonus item that could jack up the price of a game.

  3. So its just a game manual that they make you pay for now? But they print it in spanish to make it look bigger than normal? Glad I didnt waste money on this version. Thank you.

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