Substitute holidays to boost tourism industry 관광산업·내수 활성화 기대

It’s not everyday that young, promising conductors
are given the reins to the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, but that’s precisely what happened
for six individuals recently. They also got a chance to learn from one of
the best conductors in the world, maestro Chung Myung-whun. Our cultural correspondent Park Ji-won tells
us more. 33-year old Choi Soo-yeoul is one of Korea’s most promising young conductors,…
as proven through world competitions over the past few years. Now he is conducting Brahms Symphony No. 1
with members of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. This is part of a conducting master class
offered by maestro Chung Myung-whun,… and Choi was one of the six conductors selected. “Of course, there must have been parts where
I wasn’t good enough,… but I tried my best for the given 30 minutes… to deliver the
essence of Brahms that I interpreted.” It wasn’t just aspiring Korean conductors
taking part. One international participant… also got
a chance to learn from maestro Chung. “I have heard this orchestra in a couple of
concerts before, and I’m very looking forward to work with them, that’s why I came all the
way to Korea. Of course, we’ve got a chance to meet maestro, and it’s a great honor, because
I’ve heard a lot about him, and I’ve seen many of his concerts, but it’s my first time
actually to get to meet him.” The six participating conductors,… all in
their early- to mid-thirties,… were recommended and selected because of their outstanding
talents. However,… from the perspective of maestro
Chung,… they all have room to improve. From postures to the mindset of approaching
the music,… the 60-year-old shared his wisdom and personal anecdotes… about how to draw
the best sound by gathering the force of the orchestra. “What we’re trying to do is help younger people
have more opportunities to show themselves, which is the main difficulty for young conductors.
They don’t have enough chances to conduct orchestras and show what they can do. That’s
the main purpose of this masterclass and project.” This masterclass is part of the Seoul Philharmonic
Orchestra’s long-term project to nurture the musical talents of the next generation. The orchestra plans to continue trying to
identify and nurture young talents over the course of next 10 years. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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