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The last full day in Korea. I’m definitely going to spend it with shopping!! I wanna shop to my heart’s content of everything in Myeongdong. But before that, we’re going to go to LOTTE Mart at Seoul Station. That’s the biggest one in Seoul. After that we’ll be going to Deoksugung Palace, because Mom wants to see the Royal Guard-changing Ceremony. The palace is so grand and gorgeous, you guys have to see it too! And this is the Seoul Station LOTTE Mart. It’s located exactly right next to the Seoul Station, but it’s in separate building so, you have to be outside to see it. LOTTE Mart is basically a huge supermarket that has a complete selection of things so, if there’s anything that you’d like to buy, this is the right place. Arriving at Deoksugung Palace. We came here exclusively just to see the Royal Guard-changing ceremony, which begins at 11am. So, you have to make sure of the time before you get here, because there is a fixed schedule to see the ceremony. (The sound of it really made my heart beat really fast) (After the ceremony concluded, we can take pictures with the guards) But some parts are still being renovated, right? So we can’t enter. To get in here, the entry fee is KRW 1000 (IDR 14,000) per person. Deoksugung Palace is one of the inhabited palace during Joseon Dynasty. Honestly, I thought that going to Korea at this time of year I’d get to see fallen leaves, but it turns out that I was too early so, it was still transitioning from green to red. But it’s okay. It’s still pretty. This landmark has existed since 1450 as the residence of Prince Wolsan. And there was a huge renovation going on in 1902. What’s unique about this palace is that there are 2 distinctively different buildings; one of them being the Deoksu Palace, while the other one is a western palace or hall. After walking around at the landmark, it’s time for us to go back to Myeongdong for shopping~! From City Hall Station (LINE 1), we’re going to Seoul Station and transit to Myeongdong (LINE 4). Before we begin the shopping spree, we made sure that we ate first to reenergize. Since today is our last day, Mom is craving for tteokbokki really badly, and we’re going to try a certain tteokkbokki stall in Myeongdong. I actually don’t know the name of the restaurant, but it’s located right next to Tous Les Jours – Myeongdong, and it looks like an small orange-colored building. Not only does this place sell tteokbokki, but also other traditional Korean food as well, such as odeng, and many more. After having our tummy filled, we headed to a cafe located right beneath our guesthouse. Anyway, our guesthouse is called K Guest House Myeongdong 3, and right underneath it is a cafe called Tempter. We’re shopping in Myeongdong, and we have a long list of things to buy. There are so many clothing outlets in Seoul, and most of them usually have the same template of being in the basement and most of the clothes are of the same style, even though from different stores. This time, I’m at one of the outlets called Lucky Factory. It’s in Myeongdong, and the clothes starts from KRW 5000 on average. The clothes are extremely cheap and nice. I really like the style~ Which is why every time I come here, I always end up buying a lot… hehe… But this time, I’m only buying this one. In the same alley, you can find Etude House and some other stores that I’ll be putting into the next part of the video. At Etude House, I bought Dear Darling Tint – a favorite item that a lot of you guys asked me to buy for you. Gonna try this one~ Pomegranate would be nice. Buy 1 get 1. Do you want it? If you want it, buy it. I do want it. Apparently, this can make your neck look smaller.This is All Mask Story. This store sells all sorts of facemask in a very affordable price. If you’re looking affordable facemask, it’s a must to come here and you should check because they normally have much better promos to offer compared to other stores. It’s very cheap. It’s only KRW 9800 per sheet. No. D? Yeah, the discounted one. No. D is currently discounted to KRW 3800. It’s yoghurt, Mom. Let’s try soondae. We’re at Moonshot. The store is crazy gorgeous. Moonshot in Myeongdong. Moonshot is located in the middle of a small alley in Myeongdong, and it’s a collaboration with the actress Yoo In Na. The store is not that big, but the decoration is very pretty. And then I went to A Land, a shop that sells COSRX skincare and they have pretty complete selection. If you guys wanna look for skincare brands that don’t have their own stores, chances are, A Land has them so, you guys can come here first. I want this one. It’s pricey but people say it’s good. KRW 16,800. It’s only 50ml for KRW 12,000. For around IDR 140,000, I got 2 pieces of clothing. My shopping loot is piling up, and still counting. One or two? Is this nice? Hmph… No… It smells like candy. The pink one is not bad. It’s called Always Happy. Yay, I got it! This is my favorite. I’ve known and been in love with this since before BTS, and it smells great. April Skin BB Cushion They said this one is nice. Look forward to my review! Olive Young also sells LINE Friends items as well. So cute, right? But it’s quite expensive. I’ve bought this uh… coaster before. Olive Young even sells instant noodles, rice, and various kinds of snacks. Let’s get the small one on the right. The cute one. Smells like regular medicated oil, though. There are notes and pens here. Hand sanitizers. After our shopping spree, it’s time for dinner, and tonight we’re having the noodles that we had on our first day, just so that we won’t miss it so much when we got back to Jakarta. Whether it’s delicious or not, of course it is. It’s so good that I came here twice. As for the explanation, I’ve mentioned it in my Day 1 video, which you can check by clicking the top right corner. Bon appÈtit, guys~ One more place that you should definitely go for cheap shopping in Myeongdong is Daiso~ Even though Jakarta also have a lot of Daiso outlets, but the Daiso here is so complete, starting from food, etc. We have come to an end of my shopping spree in Myeongdong tonight. We need to go back to our hotel to pack and prepare for a morning flight tomorrow because we have to be ready and checked-in. So, it’s time for us to rest. And, thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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