Study Abroad Before Classes Begin – Purdue Polytechnic

Before I was a freshman, I got an email and it had different opportunities for studying abroad. Munich, in Germany, for a week. And for the second half of the trip, we went to Czech Republic. [Lindsay] I had never been overseas. If you count going to Canada for four hours, I had been out of the country. [Carson] My first experience out of the country. Like, we’d get up in the morning, we’d all eat breakfast together, then we’d go out about our day, have our fun activities, and come back … and I always went to bed tired. Every single day. [Lindsay] My favorite aspect of the trip was just getting to see what other cultures were like. [Carson] Being able to see all the different historical buildings and all the kind of artifacts from the old part of Germany was just really awesome. [Lindsay] We toured the Olympic Park that’s in Germany and then … just exploring the city was super cool as well. There’s a park called the English Gardens that is absolutely fantastic and it’s super gorgeous. You get to jump into the river, and, like, swim down the river. It’s so cool. [Carson] And in Prague, that kind of continued. There’s a lot of really old architecture that was really interesting to see. My world view especially was changed because of it. That’s what the class was actually focused on … was changing your perspective as a global citizen. [Lindsay] Polytechnic students should 100% consider studying abroad. It’s an absolutely fantastic experience that gives you global knowledge of different technologies that you can use, and different perspectives. My study abroad … it definitely has opened my mind … because so many opportunities and so many different aspects of the world. I never considered myself a world traveler before that but it’s definitely something that I want to continue to do and go different places and learn about different cultures. [Carson] The people were all really awesome. They were all really really nice. They’re always willing to make conversation. [Lindsay] It’s really important to be a well-rounded student and to be someone who can travel globally and kind of work in global communities because that’s where we are as a world today. We’re instantly connected to billions of people across the world. [Carson] I have a lot of friends that I made from this trip that we’re super close still and I can rely on for anything. Aw, man … It was just an awesome experience to be a part of!

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