Stonewall Forever – A project by The Center with support from Google

(narrator) Fifty years ago,
in a tiny bar called the Stonewall Inn, (sirens) LGBTQ people fought back
against years of oppression. ♪ (soft music) ♪ Today, this history lives on
around the world. It lives in moments big… This is who I am! (narrator) …and small. In voices old… Revolution now! (narrator) …and new. I’m a queer person. I am so powerful. (Barack Obama) The story of America
is a story of progress. Sometimes we can mark
that progress in special places. One of these special places
is the Stonewall Inn. (Jonathan Jarvis) The first
National Monument dedicated to the story of the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender community and their fight for equal rights. (crowd cheers) (narrator) New York
City’s LGBT Community Center, with support from
the National Parks Service and Google, is working to preserve this story and bring it to as many people as possible, taking the idea of a National Monument
and bringing it to life. ♪ (uplifting music) ♪ By digitizing archival materials
from the early years of the movement, by capturing the voices
at the front of the fight. It felt like you were free.
You didn’t have to hide anymore. (narrator) By finding voices
we’ve yet to hear. And bringing them all together
in a living monument. We’re going to stand up
and take our own rights into our own hands! Stonewall made us a people.
We all knew it was different now. (narrator) For everyone, everywhere, where we all can see the history
and add our own. (mouse click) ♪ (music) ♪

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