Stephanie Filardo Google Innovator Vision Video

My name is Stephanie Filardo and I’m a Google Innovator, you just don’t know me yet. With massive one-to-one integrations, districts are easily caught up in preparing teachers to use technology Susie says she’s on slides all day long. When is the learning taking place? In the meantime, there’s lots of new vocabulary and parents can get lost in the process. Often resulting in misconceptions when students are the main source of information. [Spanish] no entiendo no less de permiso para esto no son muy joven es para conducir I love you Google, but you update things a lot. That’s a great thing for me as an educator but that’s confusing for parents. Why is my daughter sharing sheets with boys?! Parents aren’t used to it, they didn’t grow up in this system. So let’s help them out, huh? My solution: Google Parent! Google parent? What is it? Well, it’s a parent friendly website with resources created just for use with parents and for use by parents. Google Parent: Keeping parents in the loop since 2016.


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