100 thoughts on “Statue of Unity: First Year Performance | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

  1. 0:30 Tourists + Revenue Data
    3:46 Maintenance Quality
    4:10 Dinosaur Statue
    5:54 Viral Fake News on Statue
    7:11 Finance Tip for you
    7:46 Return of Investment in other ways

  2. 27 lac visitors aaye chalo 1lac crore nai hoga par unka kuch to contribution rahega na
    Agar aap neutral he to woh aap ko count Karna chahie
    Mere khyal se pure des me aap to hehi

  3. Its not just a buisness but a tribute to iron man of India.. Accha hua lal kila taj mahal banane wale ne tere jaisa dimag nai lagaya varna kabhi monuments hi nahi bante

  4. BJP desh dubane do ya desh bech ne do phir bhi logon ke liye wo sahi hi hoga kyon ki BJP jo kar rahi hai sala iss desh mai koi aawaz bhi uthaaye na tobhi usse dabaya jata kyonki khud to kuch kar nahi sakte desh ko dubne do jub firse koi our desh per raj karega na tub BJP ko yaad karna wo din aapke liye acche din honge shayad hai na 😒😒😒bus yahi din dekhne hai aapko

  5. people like u r just spreading hatred and negativity all over,u should understand that it was not made for the business purpose. if you think like this then all our research and development programmes and even the isro space projects which are not successful are just wast of money.
    so, be chill and don't misguide the people .the country image and status among the international community is also important.
    and what about our iron man (Sardar Patel Ji) doesn't he deserves such respect?

  6. buddy you are the worst kind of people I guess to promote an app on business use the topic Statue of Unity,
    you should be ashamed of yourself in today's world we used to only study there was seven wonders which were built a decades ago but India showed the world and built the world's largest statue the Statue of Unity Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel I am proud that we have the world's tallest statue in our country,
    and on the. If you are talking about profit and loss statement if we Indians and people like you supported India and promoted Statue of Unity in a positive way then things would be different.

  7. An important factor to take into consideration is capital appreciation in case of real estate projects. You haven't taken that.

  8. Ha bhai India me sb bekaar hi ho rha h… hum sbko mil k loud speaker pr bus kosna chahiye is govt ko… ghum fir k bus aaj kal modi modi hi kr rhe h sb… meri toilet seat kharb hone k peeche modi govt hi h… n dude you look like Rahul…

  9. Sir please make a video on "what happened if PSU are become private sector like BPCL and SCI"…. what are the disadvantages of that conversion

  10. In logo ko koi kaam nai milata hai tho YouTube aur tiktok pe vidoes bana ke gyan dene lagte hai. Sahi baat hai unemployment kafi hai is liye sare faltu log YouTube channel khol rahe hai

  11. Lol.. instead of giving your expert opinion after being WRONG about your PREVIOUS ANALYSIS, you should just wait watch the next year.. otherwise next year you might again get embarrassed 😅

  12. जवाहरलाल,महीत्मा गांधी इन्दीरा गांधी,राजीव गांधी की जो अरबो की जमीन से कितने करोड़ साल में आ रहे हैं,ये भी बता देना भैकू जी

  13. Accha gyan diya…
    Fir aise hi log kehte hai india me dekhne k liye kuch nhi hai or Paris k eiffel tower ko appreciate krte hai China Grove krra hai kehte hai vha banne vale structures dekho kehte hai…
    Bhai aap ise sirf government ki income se compare kr rhe hai aapko vha jakr dekhna chahiye ki kya sirf government ki income me hi khatam ho jata hai statue of unity uske alava koi personal chota Mota business krne vala income Nhi nikal rha ya vo chhote redi vale income nhi nikal rhe vha k log guide ban k income nhi nikal rhe total aapne kha ki 6% bank deta hai to bank me rakh kr use aage badha k 72k saal ka deke logo ko bheek mangne ki aadat dalva dete ya statue bana k khud se kamane k liye protsahit krte

  14. Statue of unity doesn't stand for economic proposes. .Its shows the development progress of nation. . . Why this f**** man cant understand. . .

  15. ये तो बहुत बड़ा चूतिया निकला। इसका मतलब रेलवे में जितना पैसा लगा है उसका अगर रिटर्न न आए तो उसको बेच कर सेविंग अकाउंट में जमा कर देना चाहिए।

  16. Dude you are trying to find sense in others deeds when your channel is just full of negative posts.. TRY TO DIVERT YOUR ENERGY TOWARDS POSITIVE POSTS ALSO..

  17. Tu q apni maa chudwa ra h YouTube pr Apne baap ko bola hota wo apna sperm bank m deposit kra dega fir tere Jese or peda ni hoge…motherboard

  18. you are an idiot and dont know even basis economics..
    people who come there dont only come and see statue..they eat stay in hotel but things so dont just count one person is paying Rs 100 so this much in one year…India art and every thing sells..you are an IDIOT and dont know even basis economics

  19. I think Gravity is discovered by Sir Isaac Newton and most accurately described by Albert Einstein by theory of relativity……..

  20. I am sorry but I regret to watch your video Mister
    But don't you think that everything is not just about money 💰.
    I don't think greedy people like you will ever realize that.
    Just because you wanted to advertise your mutual fund app you influence people's opinion towards hating the work of Modi govt.
    Really sad to see youths like you can't even think such an obvious thing like this ☹️
    God May Help You

  21. लौह पुरुष सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल का मूर्ति बनाकर सिर्फ income generate करना ही मुख्य मकसद नहीं था बल्कि लौह पुरुष सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल के अस्तित्व को कांग्रेस ने मिटाने का कोशिश किया उसे मोदी सरकार ने सम्मान दिलाने का काम किया
    लेकिन ध्रुव राठी के जीवन तो सिर्फ profit and loss पर ही चलता है जैसे कि
    ध्रुव राठी के पिता तब तक पिता थे जब तक उनसे income generate होता था लेनिक जब वे करने में असमर्थ हुए तो अब इससे कोई फायदा नहीं अब दूसरा बाप ढूंढ़ते है जो income generate कर के दे सके।
    इन वामपंथी लंपठो से देश को काफ़ी खतरा है।

  22. below 20% of dislike that's tym so i and other understand what do u say…

    otherwise i l u my brother u r factual information also given me n other…

  23. Dhruv sardar vallabh bhai patel national icon hai….tu sirf paise kamane k liye faltu controversy create mat kr len k borde

  24. Bhai tu sarkar ko return ki bat kar raha he aesa kabhi nahi ho sakta tu bhai sarkar ko investment karna sikha raha he jo bilkul galat he.

  25. पैसा सब कुछ नहीं होता। इज्जत शान गर्व भी कोई चीज है।
    गुगल पर 'world's tallest statue' का परिणाम देखकर खुशी नहीं होती।
    इस बात की खुशी नहीं होती है कि विश्व में बताया/पढ़ाया जाता है कि सबसे बड़ी मुर्ती भारत में है।
    तुम्हारा अनुमान पहले भी गलत था आगे भी गलत साबित होगा।

  26. Good Job Dhruv….. Stay always with Truth….Bhakts would be Bhakts.. Dont bother about them……
    That Dinosaur Story was Funniest 😂😂

  27. his job is just to crticize the govt thats it..just posting such videos is not doing any good for society…and he think no one is more intellectual than him..

  28. I just wait for the birds to shit on the face of the Statue and the face and head will erode . The present cabinet will have to clean it.

  29. Matlab in short apako sif criticize karna hai, means sahi ko bhi galat or galat ko bhi sahi.
    I accept with your point but i don't accept your partiality nature of taking just one side of the coin and not other side.
    What type of justice opinion you are giving by doing this.

  30. Now new statue planning by UP govt….😃😃😃 I cant stop my laugh with this funny BJP govt. Now it is clear why economic crisis happend in India.

  31. Bhai ye phir wahan ke logo ko tojgaar bhi toh dega jaise transportation aur hotel jo 80crore tum bta rhe ho woh toh sir ticket lekar dekhne walo se mille hai aur bhai log wahan udd ke toh jayege nahi transport system ka use karege aur wahan khana bhi kahenge khull milla kar ye nu. Kahi guna jyada hoga

  32. Neither einstein nor newton discovered gravity. The gravity actually discovered by our prime minister Narendra modi ji. That's it.

  33. Dude , I like your work but this time it is really bullshit..
    Saving account interest is for common people not for Government.. Government job is to invest Treasury ..

    And everything should not boil down to profit or loss.Something is needed to represent India..

    You are against BJP.or Modi, I understand but please speak point more logically..

  34. Ab ek 2 kaudi ka youtuber finance ka Gyan dega. Kya zamana as Gaya hai. Jo log dhekne Gaye hai unhone sirf ticket kharida. In logo ke hotel accommodation, food, traveling se jo revenue create hua aur usse jo employment generate hua. Uska kya.

  35. What should be people commented below for your work, the likes and dislikes of the video shows that how much you are right. Love u brother 💙 for ur great work.

  36. bro agar ap ise pad rahe to coaching industries par analys kar ro or logo ko aware karo ke kese ise ek business bana diya gaya ha

  37. SIR, I want to know your views on the topic 'increasing privatisation in india' like railway starts a new private train and many people are against mainly the workers of railways and in many fields like contract based teachers etc………..

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