‘State of the North County’ shows tourism is a major economic factor

we’re getting a closer look at how North County is doing when it comes to tourism that was just one focus of today’s state of the North County presentation KSBY News reporter Alexis Portola joins us live at ancient peaks winery in Santa Margarita which played a key role at today’s event alexa richard ancient peaks is just one of the wineries here in the north county area that’s helping build the economy now some good news to bring you in 2017 spending was up countywide compared to the year prior in 2017 one in seven jobs in SLO County were dependent on tourism ancient Peaks tasting room and santa margherita sees about 20,000 visitors annually the winery says that number grows 25% each year with visitors from all over the globe I think it will be very good market in China so that’s why I’m here Jason yang says the wine brought him to the Central Coast the first time visitor traveled all the way from China I’m very interesting some quality right and wine he’s not alone when de ballot flew in from North Carolina Eastern North Carolina is not the mecca for wineries so this way we tasted bring it back and ship it back by the palate san luis obispo county tourism spending is at one point seven five billion dollars in 2017 Brooke Burnham VP of Marketing for visits locales says that’s up 4.3 percent from 2016 numbers Burnham presented during Tuesday’s state of the north county show guest spent an average of two hundred thousand dollars an hour or $56 a second over the past year visits locale has been doing helicopter shoots to showcase the county we continue to market San Luis Obispo County to new markets and exposing people to the destination that haven’t heard of us before ancient peak says with its continual growth over the past 12 years it’s transformed with an events area ziplining and a cafe if we as a community can get together and and show that we are capable of having a world-class region not only from wine quality but also hospitality we’re all going to really succeed more than 20,000 jobs on the Central Coast rely on the tourism industry according to visits locale live and local in Santa Margherita Alexa Bertolli KSBY news all right Thank You Alexa visits locality is working on a 20 to 30 year destination management strategy as part of that process visitors can do an online survey

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