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So I’m starting another traveler’s
notebook! This may not come as a surprise to you if you’ve ever used these
notebooks because, from what I hear, they are pretty add ictive and it’s hard to
just have one. So a couple months ago, I made a video kind of introducing my
setup for this traveler’s notebook, which is the like, regular size, it’s a
Webster’s pages cover. I love this! A lot of people have been asking me to do flip
throughs or to show you what I’ve been doing in here, and one of the things that
I really love about having this notebook is that it’s kind of a place where I can
create with no pressure to share it with the Internet. a lot of the other creative
things that I do, I share with all of you immediately and so it’s nice to have
something that I don’t have to worry about it looking perfect all the time.
But whenever I end up with a page or a spread that I really like in this
notebook, I post it on my Instagram so you can go follow me @Laurenfairwx
over there if you’d like to see what I end up putting in this notebook. So one
thing that I’ve noticed carrying around a regular size traveler’s notebook, is
that it is definitely too big to carry around on a daily basis, it was kind of
hard for me to tell how big it actually was from the internet. I enjoy using it
at home and I do take it when I travel because I already have a bigger bag for
traveling, but the more I used this notebook, the more I realized that it
does really make sense to have a second version that’s smaller that I could take
with me more often. One of the reasons why I bought this in the first place was
so I could always have a way to write down ideas that I get or if I’m feeling
creative and I just want to draw, or if my kid says something funny and I want
to write it down. It’s nice to have these notebooks with you, but this really is
too big for day-to-day use at least outside of the house. Another reason why
I wanted to get a second smaller traveler’s notebook is that I have
started bullet journaling! I’ve tried it off and on for the last two years or so
and finally, I found a system and a format that I think really works well
for me. The problem that I found with my different attempts at bullet journaling
was that the notebooks were too big. So I thought maybe if I had a really tiny
pocket-sized bullet journal, it would be easier to carry around with me and so I
made this tiny little bullet journal. I actually made it the exact dimensions of
a Traveler’s Co passport size which is the size that I was kind of considering
for a second traveler’s notebook and so I just made this with supplies I had around. Printer paper, my sewing machine, some scrapbook paper. And I’ve been going
with really simple layouts and I’m really enjoying it and that’s the
longest I’ve gone with a bullet journal so far so I really like having it small
like this! If you want to learn how to make one of these, I
did a little DIY tutorial showing you how I made it. So if you’re considering
getting a traveler’s notebook or even if you just don’t want to spend money on
stationery, this is a really good way to test that out. So I made this with the
thought that if I like the size, I would eventually get a traveler’s notebook
cover for it and then some other inserts that I could pair with it as well and so
the more I write in this, the more excited I get about that idea and so you
might remember in the video where I started this traveler’s notebook,
I talked to jetpens and they sent me a bunch of supplies for my traveler’s
notebook. I’m actually really pleasantly surprised
at how well that video did because it was really just me rambling about
stationery because I’m a total dork and that’s what I do. And so it turns out
they wanted to do it again and they just started stocking some Chic Sparrow
traveler’s notebook covers. I had heard of Chic Sparrow but I had never seen one
of their covers in person so I was really excited that they offered to send
me some of these. So jetpens sent me another box of goodies and I’m so excited. This
is really fun for me! I love this kind of thing. So the first thing and what I was
looking forward to the most is the Chic Sparrow cover. It comes in a nice little
box and the cover itself is in a little bag. I’m so into packaging and branding
and they put their tag on the bag which I think is wonderful. Oh it’s so cute!
So I picked this bright green color and I believe it’s called fern. Oh it’s so
soft and nice! It has white elastic cords and there are actually four elastics in
here to hold different refills and the original Travelers Co covers only have
two of these elastics. You can expand it using more elastics but I think it’s
great that it comes with four to begin with. Now the Chic Sparrow covers that
jetpens carries are actually slightly bigger than passport size but I thought
it would be okay anyway. It’s a little bit taller and a tiny bit wider, but I
think it’s gonna actually be perfect and because I opted to get this one which is
a little bit bigger than the Traveler’s Co ones. I can actually fit more kinds
of refills from different companies in here which I think is pretty great! I
like having the versatility. One reason why this is good is that Traveler’s Co
as far as I know, doesn’t make dot grid pages, which is what I’ve been using for
bullet journaling, so it’s very helpful to me that I can get a field notes book
or something like that to put into this cover. So I’m just gonna go right ahead
and put my bullet journal in this first elastic because I know I’m gonna be
using this. And if you’re unfamiliar with traveler’s notebooks and how they work,
it’s really simple! You just open whatever refill or notebook you want to
put in it and then you slide it under one of the elastics and it holds it in
place. Which I think is so clever because you’re gonna be carrying a few
different notebooks for different purposes and just close them in this
cover and then the elastic just fits over the whole thing and holds it shut. Oh
it’s so nice. I love this. Here’s a quick size comparison of the little Chic
Sparrow versus the big, regular-sized Webster’s Pages traveler’s notebook. It’s
a little bigger than half the size. Well what’s up next here? I’m really happy!
Okay. So the next thing they sent me is this Traveler’s Co passport size zipper
case. So basically this is something that you can put around one of the inserts
inside the cover to help you be able to carry more stuff with your notebook. So
on one side there’s a little zipper pouch which I can put stickers and all
sorts of fun stuff. And then on the back side, there is a big pocket here that’s
just kind of open and then two little card sized pockets. This is especially
helpful because this case itself doesn’t have any pockets in it, it’s just blank
on the inside, so if I wanted to, I could just wrap this around the insert like
this and then that would give me a place to put things. This is another passport
size Traveler’s Co insert and I actually have been really wanting to try these
out. This is their lightweight paper version and I’ve heard that this stuff
is really nice to write on, but the thing that I really love about it is that it’s
so compact. The pages are super super thin but I’ve also heard that they hold
ink really well so you can use these with fountain pens and things like that.
I’ve been really excited to test this out. This is exactly what I had imagined for
just a place to jot down notes and ideas when I’m out and about just because it
is so thin and so small. Everyone I’ve heard from who uses this
paper is absolutely in love with it. It’s the same paper that comes in the Hobonichi planners and it feels really nice. It’s a little bit see-through. I am
excited to try it out. There we go! Alright! Well I’m pretty happy with that.
So the next thing I got are a little set of dot grid notebooks that will fit in
here. These are from a company called Word. This is my first experience with
them but they’re dot grid pages and that’s what I wanted. I figured that once I
filled up the homemade bullet journal that I made, it would be nice to have
some professionally made ones ready for backup. This little pack comes with three
of them, which is nice because I’ve been filling up that first bullet journal
pretty quickly. This is really cool. The inside
cover of these notebooks has a place for your name, some notes, the year and the
month that you filled it out, and then a place to contact you if you lose it so
that’s pretty nice. They even have a little ruler on the back cover which I
think is really smart! You can tell they put a lot of thought into these and I really
like it. Now these are the notebooks that more properly fit into this size cover
which is one of the reasons why I wanted to opt for the bigger cover. It’s nice to
have these as an option. They’re not that much bigger, I don’t think it would
really feel that weird to have two different size notebooks in here, I guess
I’ll find out when I’m using it. The paper feels nice, better than the printer
paper that I used for my homemade refill for sure. Okay so the next thing. I’m also
really excited, they sent me some slim washi tape and I have a lot of washi
tape. I’m one of those people who just buys it and then forgets to use it and I
know it expires and it stops being sticky after a while which is really sad.
I need to like train myself to use more of it. One kind of washi tape that I
don’t have are the really really thin ones and I thought for a notebook this
tiny it would be better to have the thin washi tape so there’s more room on the
page. This is also MT brand washi tape which I had heard was the best but I
have never tried it myself and I had been meaning to and it came with three
different patterns and colors that kind of coordinate with each other which
helps me out cause I don’t have to think about trying to match them. I think these
will do really well with like little borders and things like that in my
bullet journal. And of course because it’s jetpens, they sent me a bunch of
pens to try out which I’m very excited for. So the last time we spoke, I was
exclusively using pilot g2 gel pens, the really really thin black ones
for my bullet journal and for like any time I needed to write in a notebook.
They were my favorite. I think they may have converted me a little bit. They sent
me some uniball signo pens, the 0.38 gel pens and I think I like this better! I
feel like a lot of people online recommend these and swear by them and I
never tried them so I’m really happy that jetpens sent me one. Actually when
this package arrived, this was the only thing I let myself take out of the
package before I had a chance to film this video because I wanted a chance to
use it and let you know how it works. So I think I’m switching for good to the
uniball signo. I think my writing just looks neater! They both have the 0.38 ultrafine tip but this just looks nicer, it looks cleaner. I don’t know
how long they last compared to the pilot g2 because I have not completely emptied
one yet, but I think it looks much better and I can tell in my book when I switch
to this so I’m gonna keep at it with these I think. So they sent me the black
one, also a kind of dark navy blue and then the burgundy purple red color and I
really like them! It’s definitely improved my experience of writing in a
book that’s so tiny, I feel like you need a really fine tip to write in a
book this small, especially because I’m listing like all kinds of to do’s and
things like that and I want to make sure I have plenty of space to write in here.
Because I’ve been so into writing with these really really fine black gel pens,
they also sent me a few more brands that I’m gonna test out. So this one is the
zebra Sarasa it’s a point three tip There’s also the pilot juice, 0.38, I’ve
heard good things about these as well and then the pilot juice up which I
should probably should look up the difference between the juice and the
juice up. I’m gonna assume this is like a fancier version of this one. So there’s
the signo which I am newly obsessed with and then the sarasa
actually looks a bit thinner but a little bit lighter, the black is a little
lighter than the uniball signo. So the juice UP has a nicer kind of construction
compared to the juice pen but I feel like the ink is a little bit lighter and
maybe even thicker than the juice and then it also feels a lot smoother to
write with the juice up. that was my kind of immediate reaction to all of those in
case you’re wondering like which is which or which to get. I think the Uniball Signo is still my favorite, but who knows? It’s nice that I have all of these
options and I’ll get to know them a little bit better. I feel like everybody
has different preferences when it comes to pens and apparently the juice up
comes in a lot of really nice colors which is really awesome. They sent me a
bunch of them, four different colors. there’s a pink, a purple, an orange, and
this cool like teal green so that’s pretty exciting. I don’t have very many
colored pens and I’ve been going very simple with my layouts so far but mostly
because that’s all I had to work with so I’m really happy with all of these and
I’m excited to get to know them a bit more. And then I had also heard really
good things about the zebra mild liners. These are highlighters that I feel like
everybody on Instagram that I follow is obsessed with. So I bought this pack, it’s
the blue one, and I’ve been using these and I am obsessed with them. They’re
really nice, people always say that they didn’t
smudge but they were smudging with the pilot G2s whenever I would use them
right away so I’ve been kind of like letting the pen dry before I use them
but the cool thing about these highlighters is that they have two tips
on them so there’s like the normal chisel tip that you would use to just
highlight a little bit of text and then on the back sides, there is a fine tip
with the same ink and I actually use the fine tip a lot more! I’ve been using it
to color stuff in and I really like these. I also adore the colors that came
in this pack and so I mentioned that I really liked these and asked if they had
any more than I should try and so they were nice enough to send me two colors
that I didn’t already have! There’s this yellow which is a much nicer milder
version of the fluorescent highlighter yellow that you see. And also this nice
little light blue which is bluer and less purple than the blue that came in
the blue pack. I also did not know what this is and I had to look it up in order
to figure it out, but this is another zebra highlighter but it is a glitter
highlighter and I have not tried this yet so I’m gonna see what it looks like.
Oh my gosh! So this is what I would describe as a fluorescent yellow, kind of
the classic highlighter color, but it is full of like really really fine glitter and it’s very shimmery and really fun. Oh my gosh. So that is everything in my
little jetpens haul! I’m so excited to start using this cover. I feel like this
is a weird thing to say but I’m just really happy that my little handmade
bullet journal that I’ve been loving so much has a little jacket now and some
friends. Thanks for coming over and hearing me nerd out about all of the
stationery and all of these pens. I feel like my life got a little better after I
found traveler’s notebooks, they just make me happy you know? I feel like you
should let yourself get excited about the little things even if other people
don’t understand it. If you get really excited about bullet journals and
stationery and traveler’s notebooks, I would love to hear what your favorite
products are in the comments below. I’m always looking out for new stuff
like this, it’s just one of those things that I get so excited about. And if you
liked this video, maybe give it a thumbs up, and if you’re new to my channel I
would love if you would subscribe and stick around and see what I make next! I
hope you’re having a really good day. Thanks again to jetpens for feeding my
stationery add iction! If you want to check out any of these things that I
mentioned in this video, read the video description below and I will have links
to all of these products. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you

51 thoughts on “Starting A Pocket Traveler’s Notebook + JetPens Haul | @laurenfairwx

  1. I love my Passport and Pocket travelers notebooks!! Perhaps I will send you some pictures on Twitter.

    I use the Traveler's Co passport in the camel brown color for memory keeping when we go on trips. I love the plastic zipper pouch to keep little mementos. I also have the kraft paper pocket, which I think would be cute to DIY one! The pattern seems pretty easy. I also like to keep a 12 month calendar insert which you can DIY or use a printable template. (I suggest Annie Plans Printables)

    My Pocket is my bullet journal/project keeper. I love the Word and Field Notes pocket inserts. They are by far my favorite for bullet journaling! I like the grid/graph inserts best because I use a lot of check boxes in my system.

    The Zebra Mildliners are my go-to for color coding. I love that you are enjoying them and hope they will work well for you! I really enjoy all the colors, but the grey is my favorite.

    I love your content, as always. I hope you continue to enjoy your notebooks and share what you love with us!

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    I'm also really in love with all the bookbinders on Etsy who sell inserts, many of whom offer a dot grid option. I found some with reeeeeally cute covers from the shop PlanTheDay that I couldn't resist buying, including one with a Mischief Managed cover and one that looks like River Song's diary!

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