St. Augustine Wreck Dive, The Dorthy Louise Vessel

So we are offshore st. Augustine we’re over the
site called Dorothy Louise barge it’s about 80 feet down or about 20 miles off
the coast we just did our first dive water clarity about 40 feet we saw a big
life grouper we saw the biggest nurse shark I’ve ever seen thousands and
thousands of Spadefish just down there 30 minutes in the amount of life we saw
was just amazing it’s a lot of fun this is my first time diving Dorset Louise as
soon as we drop down to about 70 feet you kind of just saw the barge just
start appearing it was really cool there’s a lot of growth down there
everything’s really colorful there’s tons of coral lots of sponges there are
a lot of different like nooks and crannies you can pop your head into I
like to shine my light in and kind of see if see if there’s any cool critters we got to see a lot of speed fish today
which was crazy cool it was awesome you’re literally like
surrounded by just a swarm of speed fish you just sit there hangout and they
literally just engulf you and one of the cool things about diving a wreck like
this a barge is it’s nice from a bearing standpoint it’s easy to navigate whereas
you know this is one bar just one footprint it’s very easily to know where
you’re at at all times you kind of swim around the structure the bars you can
always come back to your anchor or your tie off or whatever you’re using and
that’s kind of nice comfort for the diver to know where you’re at at all
times in a barge or wreck it generally provides that comfort level that thing’s
huge down there I mean they’re they’re different they’re different little
pieces and there’s there’s tall pieces there’s they’re stuffed it down on them
you know on the floor of the ocean I saw big I mean a real big snow he came out
from underneath does the he was huge I mean that was a big snapper yeah he was
a pretty good-sized table that’s that God would be the biggest nurse shark
I’ve ever seen I mean we swam up on him come intimidate me right off the bat cuz
I’m going like whoa what a shark hey you guys the second thing you go dude it’s a
nurse shark one of the other things we’re doing we’re diving day other than
just taking in all the sights from all the marine life is we decided to go
ahead and clean and remove some of the fishing line and entanglement hazard
this is a great fishing location fishermen come out journal in the
weekend to come out here and they catch all cuyps of fish snapper grouper you
name it they catch it a by part of this is the occasional snagging of fishing
line on the wreck that left behind monofilament fishing line becomes an
entanglement hazard and it’s kind of nice as diverse people to come out here
and enjoy a nice dive at the same time kind of do a good deed and remove these
and it really is kind of a neat ecotourism opportunity here in st.
Augustine some people go out and enjoy this dive and at the same time do
something good for an environment there were big lers there were big cobia lures
with tails on them and and all kinds of led all kinds of sinkers I really enjoy
picking it up I wish we could do it more often actually I think it’s a nice
novice dive and enjoy it and I think other divers will as well absolutely
it’s very comfortable dive but it’s really easy to dive you can be pretty
comfortable with navigating around the wreck this is definitely a sight to come
check out

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