Sports Betting News in Maine, Washington & Washington DC

Hello friends and welcome to This Week in
Gambling! I have returned from my conference in the
United Kingdom just in time to bring you this week’s big
story. Several months ago we reported that sports betting legislation in Maine had passed both the State House and Senate and advanced all the way to the governor’s
desk needing only a signature to become law… but then… Several weeks ago we reported that the governor said ‘not so fast’ and vetoed the bill instead of signing it… meaning sports betting for all practical purposes was dead in the state… but then… Several days ago we reported that the state Senate had decided to override the governor’s veto and send the legislation back to the House for approval, meaning sports betting was once again alive
in Maine! Alive! BUT THEN… the House screwed the pooch, so to speak… failing to muster enough votes to set aside the governor’s veto and pass the measure into
law. Meaning, once again, sports betting was dead. This is your tax dollars at work! Meanwhile, on the east coast of America in
Washington DC, sports betting has been passed for quite some
time. But fighting over the best way to regulate
the activity has kept it in limbo… although for players in DC, it feels more like the Hokey Pokey. And because of the dillying and the dallying
and the delays Washington DC missed the biggest sports betting day of the year: the Superbowl! And by some estimates that could have cost
the District about half a million bucks! So once again, your tax dollars at work! And on the west coast of the US, in the other Washington, a sports betting bill has just been passed
out of committee and sent to the State House for approval… but don’t get excited just yet. You see even if the bill does pass a House
vote it would still have to be approved by the
Senate and be signed by the governor all before March
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