Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice

You put it on… – and you tell it anywhere you want to go…
– OK and it will take you there. Um… Antarctica Woah! Are you there? Yeah. Say, I don’t know… Paris Wow! What about? Big Ben Oh man. The Amazon Woah Dad, you have to see this. Oh, the Great Barrier Reef Oh wow. Are you under water? Yeah!

13 thoughts on “Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice

  1. It's really amazing to see how Google has evolved over the years. From being a simple and small company to one of the biggest companies on the world! Keep it up! Less than a decade ago VR seemed like it was one of the most futuristic things ever and now it's widely available to everyone with Google cardboard and you even have the more advanced VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive now, it's absolutely astonishing.

  2. This will push for more demand for the fast Internet, because the pictures need more room to lad fast.

    It looks like the Internet is a giant machine that keeps growing by getting more and more fun to be in.

  3. I like to zoom out in Google Earth and then drop the yellow man somewhere. It's so surprising which places you see 🙂

  4. The great barrier reef is white now. Sorry for that, but your dad is to blame, because he drove a heavy car, flew multiple times a year and voted for Trump.

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