Spaces: Google launches Group-Sharing App “Spaces” on Android, iOS and Web

Group sharing isn’t easy. From book clubs
to house hunts to weekend trips and more, getting friends into the same app can be challenging.
Sharing things typically involves hopping between apps to copy and paste links. Group
conversations often don’t stay on topic, and things get lost in endless threads that
you can’t easily get back to when you need them. So, to handle these group sharing issues,
Google has released a new Social app called Spaces that focuses on group sharing. This new app allows small groups of users
to tap into other Google services, including Google Search, YouTube and Chrome, in order
to post links and share content without having to move in between apps. They can also have
conversations around that content in a group chat-like interface. The content shared in a dedicated space becomes
searchable. If you ever want to find something that was shared earlier—articles, videos,
comments or even images—a quick search lets you pull it up in a snap. You can create a space with just one tap for
any topic and invite anyone via messaging, email, a social network, or whatever way you
like. Spaces is rolling out today on Android, iOS,
desktop, and mobile web for all Gmail accounts. Google is planning to experiment Spaces this
week at Google I/O. They have created a space for each session so that developers can connect
with each other and Googlers around topics at Google I/O.

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