Space Tourism (Ep 2) – To Maia with Rage | Elite: Dangerous

3 2 1 mark!
Mars! I see you. Hold on Buddy! Trying to get to you.
Oh God! Boost! Come on Come on Come on! It’s recording!
Hahaha Woooo hooo Alright Mars this is, this is fun and all
but like I really need to get back to my merit grind. I gotta make some Space Bucks.
We need to get to Maia? What do you mean we need to get to Maia? Why
would we go to Maia? That’s not here. I don’t even know how far that is but I know
it’s not anywhere nearby. Look it up?
Maia? Oh you got to be shitting me.
433 lightyears away!? There’s so many star between here and there!
ugh It’s a secret thing?
I hope the secret is not “Hey by the way you’re 400 lightyears away from anything useful or
interesting.” You still think that you have a mission, right?
Um you know what? You know what, fuck it. Sure!
Let’s go to Maia for no reason what so ever. It’s been fun so far what could go wrong?
What could go wrong?! We’re just going to go 400 fucking lightyears
away, sure. For your “VIPs” Let’s do this.
I’m in. Besides you’re flying an Orca, you’re going
to need some kind of support. We only have, Jesus, 30 more jumps.
Mars you happy with your 12 year light range? Is this fun to you?
No fuel again?! What! What the fuuuhh?! Come on fuel. Come on fuel.
Yes! NO! no no! Too hot! Too hot! Too Hot! Oh my God I am so fucked. NO no no no Too
Close Too close to the sun. This ship is not built for this.
I’ll just type in positive attitudes… Oh God it’s still so far.
You Son of a Bitch! Where the fuck are we going?!
Where are we going, Mars? Yes! It’s me!
Where are we going?! WHERE ARE WE GOING!?!
Oh okay. I just wanted to know where we were going.
This better be worth it. And even if it’s not, it’ll be fine cuz you’re
gonna take the same trip back that I am. Let’s do this.

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