South Korea’s tourism industry present and the future

Toursim has been a strong contributor to the
local economy, thanks in part to global fascination with Hallyu, namely K-pop. More visitors returning home after having
a thoroughly memorable experience, prove the industry is succeeding in finding new ways
to appeal to tourists. But according to our Seo Bo-bin, there’s still
room for improvement. South Korea’s tourism industry has been growing
into a new economic engine for the country, drawing in more and more visitors from overseas. According to the Korea Tourism Organization,
a total of 1-point-2 million foreigners came to South Korea in February — up 15 percent
from a year earlier. And it seems the they’re finding ever more
varied reasons to come too. “I have never been here before, but I’m a
foodie, I love food… and it’s a beautiful country in general”
“I like the culture, the architecture… fashion… and people are really nice.” “I like shopping here, very very unique stuff
you can’t find it anywhere else and also the food, street food is amazing.” “With the popularity of Hallyu, South Korea’s
tourism was driven by K-pop, food and culture. But recently, as the tourism industry has
grown, it has also become more diverse.” “Recently, tourism has been changing in terms
of the reasons people visit Korea. It’s becoming diverse in the sense that the
tourism itself is about finding value, and this is becoming a trend right now.” Going forward, diversity in South Korea’s
tourism industry… will mean broadening its appeal to new markets. “The future of tourism for South Korea is
about responding to the market. As our tourism market develops and expands
to the Middle East and to ASEAN countries, the future will be about building a new culture.” That’s something that would contribute positively
to South Korea’s economy. Seo Bo-bin, Arirang News.

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