South Koreans boycott of Japanese products affecting tourism industry

now Japan’s export curbs in response to
the top South Korean Court’s ruling on Japanese
wartime forced labor has sparked a massive boycott of Japanese products in
South Korea as we have reported this week many South Koreans have canceled
their travel plans to Japan but that’s having the knock-on effect of harming
South Korea’s aviation industry ‘man son reports the boycott of Japanese products
in South Korea has accelerated ever since the trade is path between the two
countries blew up earlier this month more and more South Koreans are
canceling pre-booked trips to Japan and are encouraging others to do the same
online a local branch of Korea’s national agricultural cooperative
Federation even ran a special campaign giving away 10 kilograms of rice to
those who called off their trip to Japan with the swelling number of
cancellations South Korea’s low-cost carriers are
either cancelling or slashing the number of roots or the regularity of their
flights to Japanese cities starting September air Busan a sob story of
Asiana Airlines will discontinue its daily route from Korea’s southern city
of Daegu to Tokyo’s Narita Airport and cut in half its flight between tegu and
Osaka mr. jet will also scrub routes to two Japanese cities from Busan in
September Gao and Tyl have made similar decisions many existing air routes to
Japanese cities run by the low-cost carriers weren’t that popular in the
first place and weren’t bringing in substantial profits with the boycott
airlines are adjusting their loads and are seeking to diversify their
international destinations demand for Japanese routes has been decreasing
since the turn of the earth the trade to speed just accelerated to the
organization of luge to Japan Japan’s major tourist hubs are also feeling the
heat Sistema island located about halfway between the Korean Peninsula and
Japan used to be a popular tourist destination for South Koreans some
600,000 Koreans visited the island last year by ferry bus tours there were once
packed with tourists now sit empty and the street deserted
the impact is already being felt less than a month into the boycott and if
they continues to expand and intensify there’s no guessing the effect will have
on both countries economies immense on Arirang news

62 thoughts on “South Koreans boycott of Japanese products affecting tourism industry

  1. Koreans are easy to throw a temper tantrum like a 12-year-old kid. Theu are disgusting people.

  2. This lier news out of the world only korea can do This don't worry Japanese are not affected japan economic is safety that's why japan kicking korea next year japan have Olympic

  3. To avoid real damages, active "disengagement" is a viable solution for both Japan and South Korea. Stay away from each other. Neighborhood, geographical proximity never guarantees friendly relations (the opposite seems more common around the world). The two cannot be friends, but not enemies either. Think about a small, unfamiliar country located far away in Africa or Latin America. We rarely care about it, yet hold no grudge or prejudice against it. Perhaps there isn't an embassy or contact offices there. That kind of psychological distance, neutrality or apathy is sought. Japan and Korea should first close own embassy branch offices (only one for each is ok) to minimize their encounters.

  4. They proudly began to boycott japanese products , but noticed that will kill themselves……
    Now Korean people fall into a dilemma. lol

  5. I hope Japan won't cry under blanket every night because I think this boycott will go on for very long time, maybe for ever

  6. Two US puppies fighting for Master Bolton's attention. West love it if all Asians countries hate each other.

  7. Verdict is in: SAMSUNG, SK Hynix stock up big time in July. Japanese trade surplus with Korea drastically decreased in July due to boycott. Philosopher Moon is right, evil act is coming back to japanese to bite in the ass.

  8. Japan is not the country, which makes living by the sightseeing foreigners. It really doesn't matter to us not seeing Korean visitors. Why don't you pull back your illegal stayers at the same time. Japan would become much safer country. We don't stop sanctions on Korea anyway!

  9. I read the news about South Korea and the whitelist and the best song comes into my mind:

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  10. South Koreans cannot imagine why they are so hated.Get out of whitelist, go to black list. We don't care. You are not Trustfull.

  11. Those photos and videos are taken by Korean Media using Canon and Nikon cameras. If they really want to boycott to hurt Japanese economy, they should do it thoroughly. This is not a real boycott. Just a propaganda. Korean don't have that big balls.

  12. Damn! Ya should come together! Make your country prosper ! Instead of hating each other!

    The war was along time ago. It's history and done! It's business! Shouldn't be personal

  13. I can see by comments that Japanise people are even worse than their government! Instead of apologizing for your wrongdoings through history you are here to spread hate! Do you even know your own history and what your ancestors have done to Korean people!? You are just proving that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF! SHAME ON JAPAN!

  14. Cause. South Korea does not follow the international law of 1965. It is natural not to be trusted from all over the world. Korea is suspected of being a terrorist support country. First of all, please prove. Japan has the right to decide the White country. It is not South Korea. Japan just took the necessary steps. First keep your promise. I agree with Japan

  15. Maybe South Korea and North Korea will unite because if this? I am sympathetic to both sides but I truly believe the Japanese government should publically apologise for there abuse of the comfort women, they have dragged this feud from generation to the next generation and created even more ill feeling for the now generation. Both Governments need to have transparency and clarity when dealing with each other.

  16. Japan welcomes Korean boycott. Don’t forget to include the semiconductor gas and materials in the list!

  17. Please keep up with it. Is this mature country’s things to do? Their education in South Korea is to hate Japanese.
    Even they don’t know what and how much Japan has done to South Korea….really sad.but this is return we receive.
    Bye bye Korea. We are tired of you. Good luck.

  18. So grad to find out Korean was too much dependent on Japan. Product. So thankful to abe Other wise never know till really too late.
    Korean made Japan so rich.
    Japan made so much profit by Korean markets.
    Now on No more Korean market as Japanese wish.. your wish come true. Congratulations Japan. Absolute suddenly like pearl harbor attacked Without Japanese products it's gonna be pain BUT GOOD GROWING PAIN. One more time thank you so much abe. If you didn't started revenge trade war with Korea . Korean still be your great profitable Nation .
    Nothing is harder than IMF.

  19. Don't care about Japanese comment because most of them are fail their life in Japan. They just want to reduce their inferior complex to Korea. That's all.

  20. For 60 years, Japs have controlled by only one political party. It's like a dictatorship. The government doesn't like educating their history. Japs are getting stupid because they don't know what they did. So ridiculous.

  21. Stay strong korea from japan. they are war criminal but different from Germany. Abe will continue to do so for his own good.
    Japan is no more democracy.

  22. Cause & effect of Korea-Japan trade war//Japan is a defeatist country and an American teenager. Japan cannot compete without US permission to use Korea, which has been successfully supported by the United States since World war 2. According to Wall Street rumors, Japan 's economic invasion of Korea is a conspiracy in line with the understanding of the two countries between USA & Japan. Korea is used there. If Samsung is hit by Japan's banned export of emiconductor materials, the price of international semiconductors will rise and China will suffer. And the enemy of US Republican Party, Google and Facebook, will face difficulties in the supply and demand of semiconductors.  Abe, in one hand, is able to buy more weapons from the United States to win the election and to change the constitution to become a war – able country and strengthen the army. On the other hand, if Korean Samsung builds a Samsung semiconductor plant in the US avoiding Japanese regulations, Trump will be elected in the next re-election. Under these scenarios, the US and Japan would have been involved. Since the announcement of the Korean regulatory plan in Japan, a South Korean official visited the United States to request arbitration, but the United States responded that the parties should resolve it. It is evident that the United States has been involved in this matter. They are mean things. It is scandalous to think that some countries can control the security, economy, and politics of the country at will. Moreover, did a nation like you do that? What can Korea do here? Do you have to play crazy with Abe and Trump's scenario? That is why the voluntary boycott of the people is intense. It is too late to import imported materials that have benefited Japan in the meantime.  Meanwhile, the patience of Japan has exploded beyond patience. With this opportunity, Korea will develop with a big gap with Japan, and Japan will have a budget deficit of tens of trillion won. And most importantly, the lives of Japanese and American political leaders are at risk. They play games that guarantee the survival of a nation, because it will act as a big reward to shorten their lives. This is a secret that cannot be said. Let's stay for a year and a half. What is happening.

  23. Japan intentionally picks a fight and wants a war so that they can get out of their radiation contaminated sinking country. They will betray the U.S. in the process and be an ally with China. Russia invented a missile that can penetrate the U.S. radar in December 2018. I guess Japan, China, and Russia will be an ally soon if Japan succeeds in provoking S. Korea.

  24. Japan should ban the Koreans prostitutes, Kpop, and Samsung lmao. Koreans whine it isn't about the "women comfort " it's about money . Korea is communist no different than the NK oops. All I see is hypocrisy from Koreans, I mean you hate them why don't you leave their country you're nuisance even in America and I heard you guys are getting kicked out and deported from central Asia. All this shows how immature you're truly are, you dislike just cut ties that's it.

  25. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  26. Im korean
    I love japan
    I even have japanese friend
    But we dont like your goverment(japan) because they dont say sorry thats the reason

  27. How many Koreans are broadminded enough to listen to this ex-Prof. ?

  28. South Koreans boycott of Japanese products doens`t send a serious blow to the Japanese economy if compared with the damage the Sout Korean economy which is caused by Japan`s decision of South Korea`s removal from its whitelist because the South Korean economy depends upon Japan much more than the Japanese economy does.

  29. Look at this Korea and Japan suppose to keep the peace are creating another fight on their own cause they are bored that Hong Kong and China are fighting. Hey nationalists losers your continent is a mess, deal with it cause the world is laughing at all of you

  30. 죄다 묶어놓고 빌때까지 패버리고 싶네 조상이 원숭이 아니랄까봐 개ㅈ만하고 멍청한새끼들이 자꾸 깝치노 🐒 바나나🍌로 집에서 자위대 영상 보면서 자위나해라 맞짱 뜨고 ㄱ싶으면 서울 와라

  31. When it comes to Japan history, Korean netizens always comment that these and those came from Korea and many say that Japanese are Korean's descendents. From my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, if Koreans and Japanese are the same ethnic and people- so there has never been an annexation or invasion on the Korean peninsula!! Right!!!

  32. I think Koreans would be able to forgive Japan only after they apologize. They still refuse to admit that they killed and did a nasty human experiment on korean people(One of which they kept women and their child in burning room so they could observe how motherhood worked in life threatening situation). And still worshipping war criminal. And they tell people that they've done enough apologizing. I believe first step for a good relationship is admit what you've done like German does.

  33. You shouldn't look down on Korea. They are the people who brought down their incompetent president a few years ago.

  34. you know? 三星喜欢日本
    Samsung air commercials on TV everyday in Japan that support TOKYO olympic.
    So that, South Korean boycott Japanese products in South Korea and want to boycott TOKYO olympic, but Samsung supports TOKYO olympic in Japan, everyday! Thanks Samsung!

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