Soul Travelers Michael Wynn 👿 Supernatural Demonic Magic Illuminati 👽 Spirit World Documentary 4

Soul Travelers ★ Occult Demons Magic Satanism Illuminati Freemasons ♦ Spirit World Documentary

10 thoughts on “Soul Travelers Michael Wynn 👿 Supernatural Demonic Magic Illuminati 👽 Spirit World Documentary 4

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  2. From what I understand, Lucifer is no Satan/Set/ etc. The bible only mentioned Lucifer once,and refers to a Babylonian king/kings. Christians assumed the verse refers to Satan as it speaks about the king falling from the heavens. Can I get your opinion on that. 

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    TRANSLATED FROM THE HEBREW By ELIPHAZ LÉVI; and given in his 'Philosophie Occulte,' Serie II., page 136.
    I will now give unto thee the Key of the Kingdom of the Spirits.
    This Key is the same as that of the Mysterious Numbers of Yetzirah. 1

    The Spirits are governed by the natural and universal Hierarchy of things.
    Three command Thre
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  5. I find REAL demons on camera. See them swim around the EMF like little serpents…! ~()()():~ !

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  8. All these religious texts with names and stories were all plagiarized from earlier works. That's why all the names are mentioned. It's like citing the works you got the info from.

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