Soul Travelers Michael Wynn 👿 Supernatural Demonic Magic Illuminati 👽 Spirit World Documentary 1

Soul Travelers ☕ Occult Demons Magic Satanism Illuminati Freemasons 👽 Spirit World Documentary

20 thoughts on “Soul Travelers Michael Wynn 👿 Supernatural Demonic Magic Illuminati 👽 Spirit World Documentary 1

  1. Masons worship satan

    the lord jesus said satan would force a one world government with the kings of the earth and the anti christ as the head

    so who are the worlds leaders forcing this agenda

    its the masons they are also the kings of the earth which christ warned about

    who is the anti christ
    prophecy says he sits in rome infitrates christianity and dares to call himself the equal of christ

    sounds like the pope

    guess what

    the popes jesuits wrote the masons agenda

  2. A reading of texts on a screen how boring…I love reading but come on 5  fucking minutes of it,on a video…

    P.S:I'm not going to watch the full-length version (5 hours of that shit,fuck that).

  3. you need a narrator – even a robot voice.  I like to listen while I do other things,  I can't sit in front of the screen and read for hours.

  4. the full length version has this distracting and irritating background sound. the topic and the research is so interesting but i just can't stand the sound playing–

  5. Illuminati Satanism is the new Taxil Hoax. Nothing but another Christian Inquisition witch-hunt, and a new marketing gimmick for celebrities.

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    #Freemasons #illuminati #Satanism #Occult #Demonic #Magic #Spirit #World 

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  9. "Somebody stepped inside your soul, little by little they robbed and stole, till someone else was in control" – If that happened than you missed the whole purpose of your existence. And without knowing it you help to create hell on Earth but maybe you like pain, suffer and blood?

    Do you know what's worse than death? Condemn all future generations to be slaves, robbing them of the chance to ever evolve. This is what you do to your children if you serve the wicked, if you stay in ignorance.

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  12. first of all that reptile on lord Vishnu (Hinduism) is not a reptile he is called ''Ananta shesh'' and is a incarnation of lord Krishna who is known as lord balaram so please get your facts straight he is a snake with 100 heads to protect lord Vishnu as a shelter

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