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there are five ways of time-travelers I
mean from the future they come back in five discrete groups from my perspective
they’re all jumbled together I don’t know if they use the same technology to
get here but they all mostly have the same goal to kill me the first wave was
probably more experimental and not expected to succeed they’re obvious to
spot they come running screaming they wear metallic jumpsuits are hairless and
wield big military knives dad’s gotten good at shootin them before they get
within a hundred feet of us the second wave stare doesn’t have any hair but
they wear Miss master if store clothes stuff that’s been out of fashion for
several years they’re easy to mistake for hipsters especially if they’re
wearing hats to cover their bald heads they don’t scream as they come to me
they do walk with the purpose as that says though if you of them have gotten
close enough that I’ve seen their rotten teeth either something terrible happens
to dentist in the future or time travel does something to your teeth my dad’s a
dentist at least he was before old days that has a bunch of fake driver licenses
I possess dozens of fraudulently obtained library cards they’re real but
they’re all under different names Sally Roberts Megan Jones Samantha Smith
Blaine Jane names as that calls them easy for people to forget we live on the
road I’m too young to drive so our breed or invent games the back seat is filled
with library books we’ve stolen across the country I have two of the same book
ones old and the others brand new the old one has lots of notes in it the
other had none when I found it one game I like to play is to copy all the notes
from the older copy into the newer one it’s no Minecraft but it passes the time
between time travelers attempting to murder me the third wave has black ass
in hair as dad calls it I don’t know if time travel makes their hair thy color
or if third wavers are all like genetically related or something that’s
one of the questions I have for the time travelers I keep a book of questions to
ask them should I ever get the chance to interview one
the first one with black hair didn’t tried to kill me
not right away I’m not sure for how long but he followed us he’d stayed at the
same hotel as we did made at the same restaurants he warned her more clothes
and did normal things like played games on an iPhone we were travelling down 180
at the time going west figured he was making the same track we found out his
true intentions when we were halfway through Lola he was waiting for us at a
gas station in nowhere town he carried two burgers super Redhawks some huge 454
casual handguns he tried to wheel them like a character out of a youngin bull
movie one of his bullets at our car the other went stray he was knocked back by
the recoil it gave dad enough time to get his rifle aim and hit him once in
the forehead we drove off stole another vehicle and were out of
the state before sundown one day in seventh grade history mr.
Norris asked the class a hypothetical question he liked doing this to break up
the monotony as he called it he asked us if you could go back in time and kill
baby Hitler would you like the time he asked us if we purposely kill one person
to save five people tied to whirl road tracks the class was fiercely divided
above half said they go back in kill baby Hitler the other half said it’s
wrong to kill an infant who hasn’t done anything yet both sides made sense to me
now when I think about that question I cry not for myself so much I mean I
guess I do but more so because I miss sit in a mr. Norris class arguing like
that and I missed in monotony before 3:30
most injuries that caused them slippers they land in the past sometimes years
before I’ve been born and they live normal lives they know someday they
might encounter me should they ever come they’re prepared to do what’s necessary
we were in a dinner once and one of the prep cooks walked out from the kitchen
he long that me with a butcher knife dad’s left hand was severe fighting him
early on dad’s longtime receptionist at his dental clinic grabbed one of his
drills and attempted to put it through my skull she waited four years before
she took her chance that didn’t kill her right away so I asked her some of the
questions I’ve heard into Helen she cried as a Retton to her she said my
book of questions is used in interrogations in the future while
people are tortured I told her well maybe if you answer my questions you
wouldn’t be tortured dad thinks she had a cyanide capsule tooth because she died
after I sent ad I dream of building a device one that would let me send its
plosives into the future take the fight to them once several months back were
lying low in the woods near a junkyard from my library books I was able to put
together the spirit pieces of information about how to build a machine
I mostly knew how to build it from the notes in the book I have to of I made a
prototype of my machine it was the size of a microwave looked a
lot like one – I took a bullet a 38 special and put it inside
I set the machine for ten years from now it disappeared
I destroyed the prototype and scattered her parts across the young yard the
fifth wave was a single person she was an old woman and I didn’t recognize her
at first my face had changed so much but she still had my eyes I met her only
once years ago she didn’t try to kill me it was a summer day and that was home
alone while dad was at work this was before his receptionist tried to kill me
before any of the other waves the old woman came into the house through the
patio door without asking she said she was going to make herself lemonade
because they stopped selling her favorite brand decades ago but we had
some in our kitchen she Poros both glasses and asked if we
could sit outside near the garden that was always my favorite spot to read out
there on that sunny day she told me about a bullet she found in a junkyard
ten years after she sent it into the future about how she bailed a bigger and
greater machine after her father was murdered by a person with black hair as
sin before she left she gave me an old library book filled with notes it looked
boring at the time but she told me I find it useful some day she left before
dad got home I told him everything that she said and he thought I was joking but
then over a few weeks first and second wavers attacked us and then his
receptionist right now I’m trying to enjoy what time I have left with my dad
before someone with hair black as Sinton kills him before I find a bullet
ascended to the future before I built my machine you

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