Some stuff that happens on road trips

*talking in background* *talking in background* So, what did you do this past week? Uhh… I went on a roadtrip. There are a few things I wanted to tell you about it. Like what? Ok, so you don’t want to pack too much because then you won’t be able to fit everything in the car. But you also don’t want to pack too little because then you won’t have enough clothes to wear. After you’re done packing, you want to put a lock on it. And you want to put a lock on it because who knows who will be digging through your suitcase… that’s creepy. But also you want to bring two keys because if you lose one, then you won’t have any clothes for the whole trip. Annoying music: Ok, here’s a theory: If there are more than four hours to your trip and there are multiple people with different age groups, you need to be cautioned. Almost always will there never be an agreement among song choices. You also want to bring a thermometer/ The reason you want to bring a thermometer is because you’re obviously bored on the trip and it’s just another way of entertainment. So let’s say that if you’re going to Arizona, then you can watch the temperature go way up! And then if you’re going to Alaska, you can watch the temperature go way down! It’s kind of weird because Alaska is higher than Arizona. Sorry, I’m homeschooled. You want to prepare your route. Because of course you wanna make sure you run across good
restaurants and good rest stops along the way. Then, since you’re so bored and nothing works to entertain you, you start waving at other cars in hopes that they’ll wave back… I don’t know why they would do that. But, if they don’t do that then another way to do it is to take a stuffed animal and like duck, and then start waving with the stuffed animal. And then see what happens. They make think you are weird. If that’s the only results, then call me. So, finally you reach your destination. You’re sitting in the hotel… and it’s really hot outside… and you’re drinking your smoothie. And you spill it. And, so, now what do you do? First, you need to ask for a straw. Second, you need to drink it off the table… like a homeschooler. So now, you’re starving half to death, and so you’re like: “You know, a buffet sounds really good. Let’s go!” You go to the buffet and you’re like: “How much?” And they’re like: “Oh it’s really cheap! We’re the cheapest ones in town. It’s only $20… per person…” And so you’re like: “that’s outrageous! What are you talking about? I’m never gonna pay that!” And then the next thing you know you’re eating at the buffet. So yeah, you’re eating at the buffet and you don’t get to stay there as long as you want and you’re like: “I paid $20 for this can’t I stay
all day please? You can go to Taco Bell and eat there…. for $20…” Hotel pools you know they can actually be very very very dirty. Can we go to the next scene? Okay, so now we’re dealing with the situation of of the sun. You’re walking outside which is a really bad idea ’cause it’s like 200 degrees out there, but for some reason you start walking outside… and no matter how much sunscreen you put on, how many times a day, how thick you put it on,
You always end up getting sunburned and you always end up looking like a lobster. So next on your road trip, of course you want to bring extra batteries for: ding! Just don’t go a little crazy
over it because you know a lot of things that… Oh! This is all… this is all really good. It’s good stuff! Oh! I should take a… water! So by the end of this trip, you’re tired… you’re sunburn… is pealing… you’re sore. You promise that you’re never going to go on vacation again. But, then a year later, you seem to find yourself going on that same exact trip again… After viewing everything that happens on a road trip, we encourage everyone, all viewers, to go on vacation once or twice, every two years. Bye, and thank you for watching JBAcademy!

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