Solomon Island’s Big Idea @ Nature’s Leading Women 2017

I’ve never been to any places like
Australia this is my first time to get away from Solomon Islands. KAWAKI it is an acronym, that stands for Katupika, Wagina and Kia, those are the three communities inside the Arnavon project. We work with Arnavon conservation. We want to
uplift or support Arnavon conservation. We conserve Hawksbill turtle, as well as
other turtles, we even conserve it and our vision is uniting women from Katupika
Wagina and Kia to celebrate community conservation and culture. We heard about this
workshop, but we also knew that we cannot move forward unless we know how to do
business. So it’s very good to come and see for ourselves what’s going on in Global Sisters and the Big Idea and how to run the marketing, the business, and
I’m happy that we come to extend our knowledge that we have setting up in Arnavon. Because Arnavon is so very special we think we’d promote ecotourism there so it will be a very good business to promote what Solomon
has to offer We’re so glad we are here to see a new
country and to see new people and to find many friends who are concerned and who
are very worried about conservation and we are very glad that we are here, we
will never forget that we were in Australia. But the first group is going to be
from the Solomon Islands and they’re going to come up and present to you the idea that they have We women can do more things in our own communities, we make changes and we look after our children our families and our land so this is our Big Idea and our big
dream, that we will be the first women run conservation and ecotourism organisation It’s a great thing for us
women to gather together in such an opportunity as this. We are proud as
women that we are part of this big network for the good of our environments
in the Pacific Now we have many ideas, many knowledges and if I went back I have something in my mind

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