Solo Travelers come together to make new friends and meet new people.

Goddess Retreats. What was your favourite thing about the retreat? you go first. Everything, I especially liked the organisation,
but also the meals were very delicious, the massages were wonderful, so i feel really
lovely. I think the best thing about this retreat
is that, if any type, any need, anything you may want has already been anticipated, but
if there’s one random thing that maybe hasn’t been all you have to do is ask. How do you feel after the retreat? I think just sad to leave. Yeah
I could stay much more longer yeah
I just feel much more connected, reconnected to who I am. I think one thing that’s really nice was that
everyone here came as a solo traveller, was very open to you know. making new friends, meeting new people, but
we all felt very comfortable, I mean. It’s also because of you. the staff who was also very open to us. so thats, makes us feel comfortable and then
we can be open as well, so it’s a combination I think. Goddess Retreats,

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