Solo Female Traveler: What I Learned After 12 Years of World Wanderings

the two most important things I’ve learned
after 12 years of solo travel is this
it came to me today one: always check where you getting up to
leave from I’m telling you
you can avert a lot of disaster that way in fact it just happened to me this week
I was dashing off the bus and I had actually didn’t have my purse attached to me
and I looked I’m like oh my god I almost got off
so always look even if you think you have everything
which I did Look and see if there’s anything after you
get up and you’re about to leave
Number 2 Be ready to pivot
Change everything the flight might not happen
the train got cancelled it fell off the track
or in one case it ran into a tractor and then you’re hours and hours held up somewhere
so that’s part of it international travel does have its challenges
and a lot of it well one of them is waiting for your connecting flight and you really
hope it’s gonna be a good airport like we’ve discussed before
then its not so bad or you just don’t know
anything can happen so be ready to pivot on a dime
that’s really my two most important hacks
and have fun

2 thoughts on “Solo Female Traveler: What I Learned After 12 Years of World Wanderings

  1. These hacks apply to daily life! We should all be able "pivot on a dime" and not be so.attached to the outcome. Some people jave a meltdown if a restaurant has run out of a menu item .
    Thanks for your wisdom!

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