Solo Female Traveler: What I Learned After 12 Years of World Travel Part 2

So I get a lot of questions about solo travel and what I wanted to tell you is what no one really talks about I got a lot of response to my last tips on solo travel. And so I wanted to continue by going a little bit deeper into If you have the feeling that you want to go on a trip Just do it. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t wait for someone to break up with their boyfriend. Don’t wait for Anyone to quit a job, don’t wait for, just don’t wait. I mean we don’t have that much time people So what you want to do is live your dreams before You get the opportunity taken away from you by death and That really spurs me on. When I started in 2005 there weren’t very many people. I didn’t know anybody that was traveling by themselves and I started at what age 50. So listen, you can do it at any age. You don’t have to be a specific age You don’t have to go with people. But what I wanted to say was I saw this video No, it was a comment in a blog about this girl was staying in her room in Barcelona, and she was too afraid to go Out to dinner or out of her room so I wanted to address that because you know, especially in Europe probably about the worst thing that could possibly happen is to be pickpocketed, but you just have to really know where your stuff is at all times and Have it securely put away don’t have it out on display like I You can hide things in pockets and socks and have secret pockets made and so forth and not walk around with a lot of money and not Walk around with your camera showing all the time and and it’s not just you know You just you can’t put things down and leave them there So you just have to be smart about that and the thing about being on your own that no one ever tells you Is that it’s actually fun because you end up meeting more people Because you go outside your comfort zone and you start talking to people You start to not be so concerned about the reaction that you get from people if they don’t want to talk to you Because that’s their right they might not want to but It doesn’t matter there’s so many people to talk to there’s seven billion people in the world So just remember that there’s gonna be someone that thinks you’re interesting And it’s a form of self-love just to love yourself enough to take yourself away on a dream vacation so Or change it to be your lifestyle. So I wanted to address that about the courage part because there’s no You know, especially Europe in places where there’s a lot of solo travels there’s a lot travelers there’s a lot of people from Western countries that are traveling and there’s a traveling culture So, you know don’t pick like India or something more difficult a country that’s harder to go to the first time by yourself Because it takes practice and it just it’s more about your confidence level if you feel like you want to go somewhere Here’s a big tip. Get your first night set So that when you land in a new city, you’ve got a place to stay you have an address you just go there and then you just Look around that neighborhood. If it doesn’t feel right you can always leave the next day So I don’t like to make huge decisions online until I get there, but I’ve gotten so I can do that in Europe But I wouldn’t do that in Asia because you never know what you’re gonna get until you get there you want to check the Wi-Fi and all these other things too so you can stay connected but it’s a lot easier in Europe and So try one of those countries first go to Italy go to A Mediterranean island go to Greece Go to England and you’re gonna have an absolutely great time. So questions below visa situations and all that, that’s another topic but Pretty much any country that you’re gonna want to go to in Europe is going to be visa on arrival So you don’t have to do anything ahead of time And if you want to stay longer in Asian countries then okay. Yeah, you’re gonna have to do something ahead of time But anyway, have fun. Be safe and enjoy And let me know where where you want to go and just any questions you might have. Thanks for watching

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  1. Inspiring as always. I’ve just found you on Quora and enjoy your advice on there also.
    For many people, the language barrier is quite frightening. So I would like to suggest the British Isles as a good place to start solo travel. The culture is different, it’s beautiful, and the English language is not quite what you’re used to, so it’s a good way to ease into solo travel without getting too overwhelmed. It gives you a chance to experience getting used to different money, public transportation and the fact that they drive on the other side of the road. The history, architecture and art are wonderful.

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