Solo Female Traveler chooses Vanlife in Europe

I am Vicki and with my beautiful dark
Cleo I am travelling in my camper van Vanilla for almost one year now. I never dreamed of living the van life.
I wanted to travel with my dog. Travel two months to Scandinavia and then
search for a job there, doing all this in a car, and then I realized that a car
and a van is almost the same price or at least the car I wanted so I expanded
it into four months because I thought, “Okay, the van is more comfortable than
a car. I can do that longer.” When I started to build the van and I realized how cozy
it will be I decided that it can be also more than four months and after half a
year of traveling I decided that I’m not done yet
so I just kept traveling. I had the help of my father who is really handy and
showed me how to use all the tools and how to work with wood. It took about two
or two-and-a-half months and cost around 1,500 Euros. This is my van Illa. It’s a Volkswagen
T5 from 2009 transporter long-wheel base. I tried to not make it look like a
camper that’s why I didn’t put solar panels on top. I always used to take this out. It’s like my air conditioner because I don’t have a window I can open.
I just leave this part on so it doesn’t rain inside. My kitchen which is one of
the main parts of the van. It’s an outdoor kitchen and I don’t have a
tailgate so when it rains I have a problem but I just eat pizza instead, yeah. All
the stuff I need inside. I always have to calculate before I cook what I will
need otherwise I have to bring it forward and back. I added this last month so I have some extra
storage on the side. I have water here. Still after one year I do not regret
that I have an outdoor kitchen. It was important that I am able to cook properly to be able to stand up and to have
enough space. The sliding things I bought them but the rest it’s pretty
easy. You just have to screw it all together. I have my dirty clothes here
and behind that are some chairs and here I have my solar panels, a table, just some
extra storage. The battery is 120 amp hours. It’s connected to the motor. While I
drive the battery charges, but from time to time, use the solar panels. It’s two.
Each is 50 watt. That’s a table. Most times I’m too lazy to take it out so I just
put them on the ground and after 10 minutes or something I already have
energy again. I’m planning to live in the van for summer. That’s when I will have
to put the solar panels on the roof. I planned to do it like in two years or
something and then I was on a road trip with two friends and my other friend was
in a similar situation like I was. He wanted to travel and I was like, “go for it!
Why not now? You have a shitty apartment, you don’t have a job, you’re single, go.
Why not now?” and my other friend he didn’t listen to the conversation he had
like earphones and was working on laptop he stopped and was like, “Hey Vicky, what’s
about your Norway plans?” I was like, “yeah I think of doing that in two years.” He
said like, “Hey, why not now? You have a shitty apartment, you’re single, why not
now?” and I was like, “crap.” So I said yes and then two months later I quit. So welcome to the inside of my home. I have my storage in this L-form. I
used to have a fridge, didn’t use it for half a year, and threw it out. Instead I
use it now as shoe storage. I try to use as much natural materials as possible
because I live in here full time and I didn’t want to breathe in all this
plastic stuff. It’s basically wood. I try to use a
lot of things I already had or secondhand stuff like those boxes. This
material here linoleum you may know it from kindergartens or schools. It’s
based on natural products. I have a little drawer here. Drinking water is there.
I carry 30 liters but sometimes especially in Southern Europe I have “bad water”
in the back just for the kitchen just for cooking or doing the dishes and the good
water here. Containers to refill the water. It’s much easier to have a little
backup then always to worry about the water. My
insulation is cork. I screw them to a metal panel which was already there and
then I glued on top this cork you can see here. 4.5 centimeters which is maybe
a bit too much. The roof to the floor is
insulated by the old insulation which was already inside. I just put wooden
board on top to be able to screw all the furniture before. If I will sell the van
and someone wants to use it as a transporter he can just take it all out and it would be
as it was like when I bought it. So yeah this wooden that is also
screwed to those metal things and the bed frame just lays on top of it so I
can use the whole amount of space underneath the bed without having any
construction under the bed which is really handy. Those boxes on rollers for
more storage like dog food, medics, and all that sort of stuff which comes in really
handy too. Can make that so I can reach that more easy and this is also like my
favorite feature of the bed that I can lift it up and enjoy the view. So in Germany they
sell this thing completely like this and I remember that my grandmother had that.
It’s actually for old people I think *laughter* So I just bought it like this. The bed
was the most important feature in the van.
I bought the frame but it’s my old mattress which I just got. It’s really
really comfortable that was the most important thing for me because I have
back problems and the most important thing to feel at home is to sleep well so I
was obsessed with having a comfortable bed. More storage here.
Tons of Disney movies. My closet here. I decided that if we will live in here
with two people one day I will remove this and put more boards like this here.
I have a mirror which is always dirty because I never look inside. I have my
map which I didn’t change since last November. Drove all around the south
coast, spent lots of time in Andalusia, which is one of my favorite parts of
Spain. Yeah it’s really nice to have a map from the area you travel.
I started making dream catchers motivated by a friend I met on the road and this
was my first. I call it a fail but it’s cute though because it looks so, so weird.
This was maybe my second. I started selling them because so many people
asked me to. It’s nice when you watch a movie when it’s raining just sitting
there and relaxing a bit. I try to make the electricity as simple as possible.
I charge all my lights via USB. I also have my headlamp here which I sometimes
use and I haven’t had any problems yet with that. I see so many girls who tell me that
they can’t do this because they’re a girl and I think if I can do it you can
do it. They ask me like, “Is it safe?” or “What should I do to feel safe?” and the
only advice I can give is to try it before you buy a van. Go rent a van and
try it first. If you don’t feel safe to sleep outside in woods just sleep in
your garage, get comfortable with that and you notice what you like, what
you don’t like. People are always making excuses and I think if you really want
something then just go for it and stop listening to your fears. In the van I
made a quote from Alice in Wonderland from Disney. They’re singing this
very merry unbirthday song which I totally love because it’s absolutely
crazy. You have one birthday a year but
celebrate every day as if it’s your birthday. Thanks for watching this week’s
episode. If you enjoyed it be sure to share it with a friend and thank you
most of all to the Patrons who support the channel I really appreciate you. And if
you want to know more about us you can follow our blog
or follow our adventures on Instagram @vanilla.icedream. Have a
great week…peace!

100 thoughts on “Solo Female Traveler chooses Vanlife in Europe

  1. I'm a woman in my 50's , I have camper, Arctic Fox 811 short bed version, with a wet bath, full kitchen for cooking and love it! 😉

  2. It must be really challenging not to have ready access to a toilet for such a long time (especially for a woman, during period days).

  3. Much taste and ingenuity in this van !!! I think I found my all time inspiration for our van. Thank you so much for the gem, Dylan !!

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  6. I love your channel, but please don't edit videos like it is commercial. Those excessive shortenings of pause between words is really irritating. You are not charged per seccond, so what is the use of it?

  7. to have a year on the road would be nice, where does your income to run a van fuel and so on come from.

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  9. I am definitely doing this one day, maybe 6mos in a year coz I own a house and still enjoy the comfort of a real house. Greetings from L.A. Enjoy your adventures! 😘

  10. Lovely, nice too se what you have done.

    I bought a van last year, uninsulated but decorated it and went down to Spain. me and my dog but it was too cold. Now I'm home again in Sweden and plan the next trip in 2 years with a better car.
    Fun to see that youngsters get away from the gray everyday life. I'm 56 years old and have done many crazy things in my life. but driving around with my dog ​​in europe is my highest wish now.
    I will follow you. Have a nice life.

  11. Looks it'd become tedious after a while. Not for single lady long term. Got dad.
    Nice to see a young person enjoying freedom before settling down.

  12. I see a movement of people turning toward a more simplistic natural way of life. We are realizing that once one's needs are meant, the rest is just excess that acts as an anchor and weighs us down. I just finished college and I'll be making good money in a tech career. I told myself I'd by a house but now I am reconsidering.

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    Viel Glück und Spass auf deinen Reisen🍀😊👍

  14. very useful information.
    As far as the safety issue goes (aside from using your instincts) remember most violence against women is done by people they know, in their homes.

  15. I found the comment when you said one day if there is two people I will make the wardrobe bigger … that’s how I feel to I have built my van for two but right now there’s just me … god bless you I start my Europe journey in March 2019

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  17. If you want to feel safe, give a home and freedom to a dog who has had a hard life. He/She will be very loyal if you train it with love and praise when it does right and dont go crazy at it, dogs dont understand when you scream and shout in long sentences.

  18. Great build! Seems to me that if you put a ladder rack on, and maybe a piece of PVC (perhaps a solar shower) on a side or both (or anything really), that you then could put solar up top, and it wouldn't be noticable. Happy, and safe travels!

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  20. Every object behind the front seats becomes lethal in a car crash. I'm amazed how little is done toward safety in diy builds and also for serial camper vehicles. It's like travelers don't pay attention, so the developers don't need to improve safety. I wouldn't go without an original steel cabin separation wall, but that's just me… Wish you many safe kilometers.

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  24. At last…A REAL attractive GENUINE female van dweller. I'm sick and tired for click bait imposter female 'van dwellers' making a false living out of gullible YouTube viewers.

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