Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today

The mail.
It was the greatest of inventions. That built a nation,
And brought us- all of us- together. And yet, as we’ve become more connected..
The mail has stayed pretty much the same, hasn’t it?
It just sits there, in a box, all day. Well, we think it’s time for a change. Introducing a new way to experience the mail
you love. The good old-fashioned kind
of mail that you touch with your hands… and smell with your nose. Imagine a mailbox that saves you a trip when nothing is there… Or notifies you the second it arrives. A mailbox that learns from your habits…
that’s never too hot or too cold. Mail for today, with all the things
we love about the electronic kind. Like smart folders that keep things organized…
strong filters to weed out spam… And apps that do more. Imagine mail you can take with you wherever you go It’s time…
Time to free your mail. (Music swells) (Music crescendos) Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail by Google

100 thoughts on “Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today

  1. You can ACTUALLY make Mail smarter. Download USPS Informed delivery. It’ll tell you what’s coming to the mailbox and you can see pics of all the ads and envelopes on your phone!

  2. The funny thing is, they're pretty much taking the piss out of themselves considering this looks like it would be a thing. It's just an Alexa built into a letter box.

  3. Wtf imagine seeing a women in the park and you ask
    Guy: what is that?
    Women: oh it's my mailbox c:
    Guy: w…..t….f…????

  4. The fact that people can steal it easily is kinda dumb and why would you want to lug a mailbox around with you all day

  5. I honestly think that the mail checking app could be useful and a legit thing……. 2019….

  6. But y would u take the mail box with u??? Isn’t it the point that it stays there when your out and get mail? What if the mail man comes and doesn’t find a mail box?

  7. 1:36 That's too many bys! Even the assistants cant handle that! Well, Google can. CUZ YOU MADE IT!

    Siri: Sorry, That's too many bys.
    Cortana: (silence for five min) Sorry, I dont know that.
    Alexa: (same as cortana but without silence)
    Google: Do you mean Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail by Google?
    You: ._.

  8. Final thing: This won't be made cuz Inbox is dying thanks to Google's 'spring cleaning' to make way for Stadia.

  9. far too many of you actually think this is a legitimate product…i hope you ALL win a DARWIN AWARD SOON. oH PLEASE god!

  10. Прикольно, особенно мне понравился момент, где мужчина подходит, узнает что в этом ящике есть планшет и забирает его.
    Cool, especially I liked the moment where a man fits, finds out that there is a tablet in this box and takes it out.

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