Hello smart news friends, welcome to this fifth episode. Today we talk about sustainable tourism, but first: (sigla) initials. Last week I have interviewed, here at the Make1Movie, Serena e Valentina. Two young girls who wanted to invest in their dreams and passions in creating “Kihinee Experience” a project of sustainable tourism that allows the tourists to make a travel experience in Kenya or Maldives. Why Kenya and Maldives? Because, Kenya for Serena and Maldives for Valentina, are those the countries they have visited and put them at the point to start this project and do it. The principal points of Kihinee are essentially 4. The first obviously is the sustainable tourism. What is meant by sustainable tourism, it’s obviously something different than what is resorts, touristic villages it is a locale experience therefore the tourist is invited in the villages, in Kenya or Maldives, and “hosted” by the people. A 360 degree experience. Second point of Kihinee is the defense and promotion the local traditions, the culture. For a community those are very precious goods, of course and Kihinee safeguards them and takes the tourist to live totally immerse in 360 degrees in the tradition and in the culture of the country. Obviously, and eye for the environment. Valentina told me that in Maldives she was very impressed by this immense beach full of plastic Serena also in Kenya, she told me that the plastic was burned because they do not know how to differentiate it or where to put it, also they have our plastic Therefore has an eye for regarding the environment the tourist who entrust himself to kihinee has to have an eye for it, because when you go to these places you realize how much mother nature is important, for both local populations and who is hosted. Last point on which Kihinee dwells, is to promote the local commercial network. This is not only mean only in site, but means to bring the commercial network, so everything handicraft, products made in the place, bring those out, in the international market. Obviously is a point that will come later when the network of kihinee’s contacts will be wider. Kihinee experience is a project that has been already thought, dealized and put on paper. It must just start and Serena e Valentina need helps, sponsor, people who could help on a legal and amministrative level, people interested in the project. So if you are interested please get in touch with these girls, you can find them on social as Instagram and Facebook like Kihinee Experience or contact them at the email. This way of doing tourism and being green and sustainable, therefore support them too, on socials. we attend you! Bye!

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