Smart Commute tool tutorial #6 – Logging Trips

Welcome to Smart Commute, a program of Metrolinx.
Refresh your A to B with the Smart Commute tool.
Logging trips. In this video we’ll show you how log your
trips, so you can see how much money you’ve saved, how many calories you’ve burned,
and lots of other fun and useful statistics by using the Smart Commute tool.
The Trip Logging tool occupies most of the lower half of the dashboard screen.
You can use your saved favourite trips to automatically fill out the trip log, or log
trips manually. To log your trips manually, first select the
days that you wish to log for. You can log trips into the past for up to 12 weeks, and
into the future up to one week. Once you’ve selected the days you want to
log for, enter the details of your trip. Enter whether it’s a one way or a round
trip, your departure and return times, and the distance one way. Finally, select your
mode of travel from the list of options. After you’ve logged trips for the first
time, your last saved trip will auto-populate on the site and be there when you arrive.
If you use multiple modes of travel for the same trip – like if for example you carpooled
to a park and ride and take the subway – enter each leg of the trip separately.
If you make a mistake logging, no problem. Select the day you want to change, and click
the History tab. Now you can edit the trip, or by clicking on the red x you can delete
the trip for that day. The trips you log feed into your travel statistics
and your space on the Leaderboard. You will also be awarded badges based on your trips
which can be shared over social media. Your trips will also feed into the statistics of
the networks you’re associated with. Smart Commute runs several campaigns and contests
over the course of the year, including Carpool Week, Bike Month and Smart Commute Week. Log
your trips to participate and for a chance at some great prizes.
Refresh your A to B at Hit next to keep learning how to use the Smart
Commute tool.

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