Slovenia Green 🌿 The story of green Slovenia.

Listen traveller, it is too late to go back now. The forests have filled your lungs rivers run in your heart. You have set the course for the land so green and abound with unspoilt nature that you will never be the same. You have come to Slovenia. To live hand in hand with these natural riches is a deep rooted gratitude locals feel every day. The respect for nature shows in the way we think, live, and do. Slovenia Green is a unique story and a great lesson in sustainability for the rest of the world. It began with a pledge to preserve the pristine nature for us and for you. We set out on a long steep path and became active guardians of our natural heritage. Local communities and tourist providers have all come together to build a unique model of sustainability in tourism. Over a decade we put together a visionary policy that nurtures everyone by the table. Today we’re one of the world’s greenest destinations. We encourage you to visit us by train, bike or on foot. On your way, you will come to understand why we included the right to clean drinking water in our constitution. We believe in responsible observation of the mysterious wildlife. The inhabitants of our ancient forests can teach us all how important it is to protect our planet. When your step becomes heavy, it is time to rest. We think green accommodation should be as close to stars, birds, and trees as possible. We believe in the green inspiration from one generation to another. From one traveller to another. It comes with a view that overwhelms. To know how to listen to a tree is for us a way of travelling too. You can never cross the same stream, walk the same forest path twice. Our commitment and enthusiasm for sustainable tourism have been contagious. Today we stand united, together with you dear traveller, under the vision of Green Slovenia.

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