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The taste is great, it’s a killer coffee. To the watching eyes, and listening ears, Greetings from Mujahid ur Rehman. The thing is, big brothers, That we are approximately 200 KM away from Cape Town. And we are in a mountain area called Cederberg. In the last episode I took you to the sea and beaches. In this episode we will go to mountains, and beautiful rock formations, so that we can do some photography. Let’s go… Trembling at the chill breath of dawn The fearful stars said to the moon: About us lies heaven’s changeless scene Where wearied we must shine, still shine, Tasked to move on, on, morn and eve— To move, to move, for ever move! No creature of this world knows rest, Nowhere can fabled peace exist, All things condemned by tyrant laws To wander, stars, men, rocks, and tress— But shall this journeying ever end, Ever a destination find?’ We have arrived at our campsite. We will stay here tonight. Eat here. Toilets are somewhere nearby. So I won’t be “doing it” here 🙂 From here, we will go out for night photography tonight. God Willing. It seems I have packed for 3 day camping, But, it is only for one or two days. Main things are for recording and camera gear. It’s a three men tent. Your brother will live luxuriously in it tonight. This is my camera bag. This is drone bag. Tripod . Hiking Sticks. My laptop, jackets and shoes. I like orange and yellow colours. They look good in photos as well. This is my tent. They’ve give a power cable. So I am charging batteries that I used. I forgot my blanket and pillow at home. I have borrowed it from campsite owners. Sleeping bag and mattress. All food items are in this basket. I will be eating food from here for one or two days. Clothes in blue bag, chargers and batteries in brown. A landscape photographer tires… one minute…. (pause) A landscape photographer tries to do scouting before shoot. The light is soft at sunset and sunrise, the photos come nice with clouds. But I have chosen this cloudless day, because, we will take photos at sunset, but they won’t be our main photos. We have come here for photos of milky way and stars. At midnight the milky way will rise in the sky. And we will shoot it. Let’s eat food, rest a bit, go for scouting, take sunset photos, and then night photography The coffee is a killer… So this is the first rock formation in front of you. We may take its photos. We may shoot them… or them… There is so much here, I am confused. In Punjabi, we call it a “kharmus” (everything mixed together). I am not sure where to look, there are so many rock formations. This rock formation looks like a woman praying. For me, it is a delightful moment when, if I go somewhere and I am the only one there. I know I will be scared tonight, I know that, but….. how beautiful these rock formations are. Let’s see what happens tonight, I need to find a spot first. I am talking to you and not scouting. The thing is… Brothers and sisters! the photo that you are seeing on the screen right now, It has been taken with an app called PhotoPills. And it showed me that at midnight tonight, there will be milky way behind that rock formation. To take advantage of technology, is every photographer’s first responsibility. I’ve foun another rock formation. Absolutely stunning. And I am going to check when milky way is going to be behind it. Ladies and Gentlemen! I am scared. I have recited a few times. Not sure why am I here? It’s stupidity to come alone. My friend wanted to come, but didn’t. I am all alone now. Milky way has risen. But it is behind the mountain right now. We have to wait for an hour. Then we will take photos at our chosen spot. Buds, you should also pray and recite for me. Dark Night… Dead Silence (reciting) I am very scared. What if a lion comes out from nowhere? Borthers and sisters, this is my camera in the darkness. And this is the rock formation we saw during scouting. Beautiful rock formation. We are taking its photos. Milky way has risen. ‘Oh my companions,’ said the moon, ‘You who night’s harvest‐acres glean, On motion all this world’s life hangs: Such is the ancient doom of things. Swift runs the shadowy steed of time Lashed by desire’s whip into foam, And there’s no loitering on that oath, For hidden in repose lurks death: They that press on win clear—the late, The laggard, trampled underfoot. And what the goal of all this haste?— Its cradle love, beauty its quest.’ Good Morning. It got a bit cold at night. But everything went well. I slept well. I’ve decided not to stay tonight. I got the shots I wanted. That’s it, we pack now. And we go… The thing is… Sometimes we get so busy in our photography, and we don’t see anything besides compositions… I was about to go back, I had to corss this bridge, instead, I parked my car, and came here. Things don’t have to be special to be beautiful. This place is special, because it is simple. In simplicity lies beauty. I hope you enjoyed this small adventure of mine. I’ll sit here for sometime and enjoy. Please subscribe to my channel, I request. See my photos on instagram. I’ll see you in the next episode. Until then, bye bye.

25 thoughts on “Sitaray – Travel and Photography vlog

  1. This video brought back so many memories for me… we used to go camping at this place when I was younger. Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful. The story, the content, dron shots and most of all the adventurism which is great. You are one man army you don't need anyone else.
    Keep it up Mashallah God bless you. Lots of luv from my side.

  3. Woahhh! The rock formations and the milkyyy way 😍 love all the photos.
    From music to your storytelling everything is so on point. Also, no one is appreciating your shades. You look so handsome… Abu jaidddd 😉

  4. Sir travel and camp in north Pakistan!! Btw I just saw your travelogues today and m fell in love with it!!

  5. Very nice ✌️ 😊..
    Can you tell me which camera you are using , it's awesome .. camera name plz

  6. Pakistan akar muja btana , i live here in Taxila a 5000 year old city, also unesco world heritage site

  7. but achi video hay muji bhai ap ki photo grafic skillis bhut achi hay . such a nice video .Allah pak ap KO but Bari kamyabi naseeb fermay ameen

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